Social Concerns

The Office of Social Concerns announces the opportunity for all parish based food pantries and parish schools seeking assistance in food security for families and community members to apply for grant funding through the newly formed Community Food Security Program. Please contact the Director of the Office of Social Concerns, Genevieve Mougey at [email protected] for an application or questions.

Included in the work for common good are prison ministry, hospital ministry and ministries of the Office of Missions, which promotes the missionary spirit in the hearts and minds of the people of God.

Learn more about the social mission of the church by studying the two feet of love in action.

Read Pope Francis’ Latest Encyclical, Fratelli Tutti and download the Archdiocese Of Washington’s Study Guide for small group, individual, or Parish reflection.

The Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching

Each theme of Catholic Social Teaching influences and guides the work of the office alongside Catholic moral teaching. Learn more about each of these themes:

Questions? Contact the Archdiocese of Washington’s Director of the Office for Social Concerns, Genevieve Mougey at [email protected].