Apply for Faculties

For All Applicants

To apply for faculties in the Archdiocese of Washington, complete the following and mail to the address below:

  • Have your (Arch)diocese, Congregation or Province complete the Request for Faculties form, and write a Letter of Suitability addressed to: Very Reverend Anthony E. Lickteig.
  • Review our Child Protection and Safe Environment booklet. Print out and sign the acknowledgement forms on pages 56 (Appendix E)  and 70 (Appendix F).
  • Fill out the Extern Priest Application.  (This application may also be used by Transitional Deacons.)

    Karen Sachs

    Administrative Assistant to the Office of the Clergy
    Archdiocese of Washington
    Post Office Box 29260
    Washington, D.C. 20017-0260

Residing in Rectory, Serving in Parish and/or Regular Contact with Children or Vulnerable Adults

If you will be residing in a rectory, serving regularly at a parish and/or having regular contact with children and/or vulnerable adults, you will also need to:

  • Establish or transfer your VIRTUS account, completing Child Protection Training and fingerprinting as needed. Please see our Child Protection Training page for additional information.
  • Contact Karen Sachs or our Child Protection Services office at 301-853-5328 to confirm active VIRTUS status.

Very Reverend Anthony E. Lickteig
Vicar for Clergy
Secretary for Ministerial Leadership
301-853-4573 or 301-853-4550
[email protected]

Karen Sachs
Administrative Assistant to the Office of the Clergy
[email protected]