Apply for Faculties

For All Applicants

To apply for faculties in the Archdiocese of Washington, complete the following and mail to the address below:

  • Have your (Arch)diocese, Congregation or Province complete the Request for Faculties form, and write a Letter of Suitability addressed to: Most Reverend Michael W. Fisher.
  • Review our Child Protection and Safe Environment booklet. Print out and sign the acknowledgement forms on pages 56 (Appendix E)  and 70 (Appendix F).
  • Fill out the Extern Priest Application.

    Karen Sachs

    Administrative Assistant to the Office of the Clergy
    Archdiocese of Washington
    Post Office Box 29260
    Washington, D.C. 20017-0260

Residing in Rectory, Serving in Parish and/or Regular Contact with Children or Vulnerable Adults

If you will be residing in a rectory, serving regularly at a parish and/or having regular contact with children and/or vulnerable adults, you will also need to:

  • Establish or transfer your VIRTUS account, completing Child Protection Training and fingerprinting as needed. Please see our Child Protection Training page for additional information.
  • Contact Karen Sachs or our Child Protection Services office at 301-853-5328 to confirm active VIRTUS status.

Bishop Michael W. Fisher
Auxiliary Bishop of Washington
Secretary for Ministerial Leadership
[email protected]

Rev. Anthony E. Lickteig 
Vicar for Clergy
Assistant Secretary for Ministerial Leadership
[email protected]

Karen Sachs
Administrative Assistant to the Office of the Clergy
[email protected]