The Archdiocese of Washington has a long and faith-filled history of passing on Christ’s Gospel from generation to generation through Catholic education, which has brought hope to tens of thousands of lives. Our Catholic schools and parish religious education programs instill Catholic values that will stay with our young people throughout their entire lives.

Religious Education

Religious education programs in parishes and schools are a central aspect of the Church’s responsibility to teach the faith. More than 1,100 adults in the archdiocese are received into the Church every year at the Easter Vigil and over 20,000 young people receive religious education from almost 3,000 parish catechist. In addition, ongoing faith formation is an essential component of membership in the Churchsupporting adults in their search to become more faith filled disciples and full participants in the life of the Church.

Please contact the Office of Catechesis  for more information.

Catholic Schools

Ninety-three Catholic schools across the archdiocese bring Christ’s love, alongside an academically excellent education, to thousands of young people every day. Students learn to respect others, develop a sense of community, and carry out the mission of care and service, just as Jesus did.

Please contact the Catholic Schools Office for more information.

Contemplating the Cross of Christ in a time of healing

By Jem Sullivan, Ph.D., Secretary of Education

As a new school year begins we say ‘thank you’ to catechetical leaders and catechists who begin their ministry of faith formation, education, and witness to faith. As catechists renew their commitment to leading others to Jesus Christ, the one who stands at the heart of all catechetical efforts, they will hear the anguished voices of the faithful in these challenging times…Read More

The Courage of Faith

By Jem Sullivan, Ph.D., Secretary of Education

Each Lent a thousand miracles take place across the Archdiocese of Washington. Accompanied by catechists, godparents and sponsors, hundreds of men, women and children make a life-changing decision to follow Jesus Christ as members of the Catholic Church. Cardinal Wuerl welcomes these catechumens and candidates at the annual Rite of Election and Call to Continuing Conversion, an inspiring celebration of their call to receive the Easter sacraments…Read More