Small Groups

Small groups come in all shapes but in small sizes of around 5-10 people. Your group can be a bible study, book club, running group, etc. Every small group includes hospitality, prayer, and discussion to help all participants make friends, make disciples, and make a difference.


1. Make Friends

We are created for connection and relationship. Whether it is a bible study, book club, or running group, small groups always meet regularly and make friends.

2. Make Disciples

Regardless of the type of group, the purpose of a small group is to encourage us to our journey of holiness. Small groups create a place where we can grow in our faith and become more like Jesus.

3. Make a Difference

Jesus came with a mission to reconcile the world to God, to restore creation to its intended state, and He charged his followers with continuing that mission. Small groups are not insular communities but help us discover how God is calling us to live out that mission in our daily lives.

Groups run on a semester schedule for around 5 to 10 gatherings.

*text adapted from National Community Church

To learn more about small group ministry, contact the Office of Young Adult and Campus Ministry.