Advent Reflection: Slow Down

Advent: Slow Down

Walking in Snow

By Father Joe Cwik, Parochial Vicar – Our Lady of Mercy Potomac, MD

“Slow down the pace of your walk.” Many years have passed since I initially heard those words, but each Advent these words form my first preparation for Christmas, and I check my pace. No, not only my walking pace, but my pace in prayer. The priest who spoke these words wisely noted that a sustained hurried pace of walking, subtly influenced the pace of prayer, makes prayer hurried and rushed.

Prayer is not about meeting check points, getting from point A to point B, or even meeting spiritual accomplishments. But rather meeting a person, Jesus. This Advent, check your walking pace. Then check your prayer. Slow down. Sit down at the manger and bend your ear. Can you hear the message of Christ? Perhaps difficult at first, but to the prayerful heart loud and clear, “I am here for you. Be not afraid.”