Marriage & Family

Welcome! We invite you to explore these pages whether you are getting married, want to enrich your marriage or just learn more about marriage and family life in the Catholic tradition.

Cardinal Wuerl reminds us that marriage and family life are created to be a “visible sign” of God’s love in the world. We offer resources to help form, strengthen, and heal families in carrying out our mission to build a culture of marriage and family life.

How we Help Marriage

The Church that helped prepare you for marriage is still here for you when you need help in your marriage whether you are experiencing a dry-spell or distance or if your marriage is in a storm, the Church is here to help.

How we Help Families

The vocation of the family – every family – is to reveal and communicate life and love in communion with the Lord. Family life is a blessing but can also be challenging. We hope that you find these resources helpful helpful in your growth as a family.

Seek First the Kingdom Blog Series on the Family

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