“Catechists are creative; they seek to use different means and forms to proclaim Christ…This endeavor to make Jesus known as the highest form of beauty brings us to encounter new signs and ways to transmit the faith.”

~ Pope Francis, July 5, 2017

Designated parish staff may access the Secretariat for Catechesis Resource pages below. For login credentials, please contact [email protected].


Using non-archdiocesan resources:

The same principles that support the integrity of the teachings of the Catholic Church in print resources should be applied to use of the internet and social media sites.

Careful consideration is to be given to appropriateness of internet content, internet sources and host websites displaying content.  Safeguarding the dignity of children and avoiding inadvertent exposure of children to inappropriate content is to guide the selection and use of internet resources in a catechetical setting.

All resources must be thoroughly and completely reviewed prior to use in the classroom.

“Even when the task seems too much, the resources too few, the obstacles too great, it should never be forgotten that yours is a holy work. I want to emphasize this: yours is a holy work.”
Pope Francis, Nov. 27, 2015

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