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Parish Evangelization Grants

The Office of Evangelization and Pastoral Planning offers evangelization grants to strengthen parishes in their work of evangelization.

Thank you to all the parishes that applied for the 2023 Evangelization Grant Program!

We had another successful year with our evangelization grants, with 22 parishes who received grants.  Unfortunately, this year’s grant program is now closed.  Please check this website in the coming months to learn about evangelization best practices from the parishes that received grants.  We will open the 2024 Evangelization Grant Program in October 2024.

Group of young adults

Small Christian Communities

Small Christian Communities (SCC) are “powerful vehicles for adult faith formation, providing opportunities for learning, prayer, mutual support, and the shared experience of Christian living and service to Church and society.” (Our Hearts were Burning within Us, USCCB, no. 106)

Imitating Jesus Christ, who personally invited and accompanied a small community of disciples, we too are encouraged to share Christian friendship and community with a small group of people.  Jesus promised us: “For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them” (Mt 18:20). By setting out on the adventure of the Gospel not just on our own but together with others, we form small Christian communities to help one another and share our experiences of what God is doing in our lives.

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington has created a resource called Guidelines for Facilitating Small Christian Communities to help support these groups.

SCC guidelines


Hospitality, Welcome, and Accompaniment

Jesus gave the Church a mission, a vision, and a strategy.

Mission: to make disciples of all nations.
Vision: to establish his kingdom on Earth, knowing that the Kingdom is fully realized in heaven.
Strategy: to live our lives as missionary disciples and teach others to do the same.

But, as parishes and parishioners, how do we accomplish this? We are called to do what Jesus did. Consider this scenario:

One day, a Catholic family moved to a new city. When they registered at their new parish, no one called or emailed them to welcome them. Nobody came to visit them; nobody helped orient them to their new parish. All they received were instructions on how to make donations. Is this kind of welcome hospitable or effective? Can you imagine Jesus sending a donation form to someone who moved near him in Galilee?

Click here for suggestions for providing a warm pastoral welcome to new parishioners and accompaniment to current parishioners.


Monstrance containing the Eucharist

Eucharistic Revival

Find more information, links and resources on the National Eucharistic Revival for pastors and parishes.

Eucharistic Revival Resources


Praying Together as a Family

Praying together as a family is very important. It is a way to build a relationship with God and one another, and it is one of the most critical things parents can do to pass the faith on to the next generation. Children need to see genuine faith acted out in their parents’ lives. By praying together as a family, members of the family:

  • strengthen their family bonds.
  • stay strong and united during difficult times.
  • grow in communication and closeness.
  • pray for one another, as well as give thanks to God.
  • receive a common goal as they pray about different situations.
  • learn about prayer by hearing from others that God can be trusted to guide us through every situation.

We’ve created a Family Prayer Service to help families grow in their relationships with each other and with God. This simple prayer service is perfect for busy Catholic families. It does not require special materials and can be used by families of any size and makeup. It includes Scripture, prayer and a simple activity to bring family members together.

family prayer service


Catholic Christian Prayers

We’ve compiled a list of common prayers so that you can access them all in one place. Use these to open and close your small groups, to pray with friends and family, or for your personal prayer time.




The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington values and sees the quinceañera celebration as a unique opportunity for the parish to accompany a young woman and her family through an important celebration of their religious and cultural heritage; a number of whom may live in the peripheries of the parish or society. Often, the focus of this celebration is centered on the big party, but it is an opportunity to bring the young woman and her family and friends to an encounter with Christ and his Church. With a lens of evangelization that is warm and hospitable, the celebration of the quinceañera can be a teaching moment for the entire parish and an occasion to practice ministry as a communion to support young women.

Information, guidelines and resources

The Source: Small Group Video Series

Want to explore truth? Find joy? Experience love? Know hope? Join six inspiring DC priests for The Source, a series of Ted-style talks and faith stories – all 20 minutes or less. This video series is presented in English.

Make it a party! Invite friends and download the discussion guide.

The Source Video Series


The Light is On For You

“The Light Is On” campaign, which began in The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington in 2007, is an opportunity for the faithful to deepen their relationship with Christ by uniting themselves to God’s merciful love, which absolves Catholics from their faults. Lent, the 40-day penitential period before Easter and the celebration of Christ’s resurrection from the dead, was chosen as the time period for the initiative, because it is a season when Catholics place an extra focus on God’s mercy and forgiveness.

Visit thelightison.org for more information, including a guide to going to Confession and parish resources.

The Light is On

Advent Wreath and Candles Week one

Find the Perfect Gift

Advent is defined as the arrival of a notable person. In the Catholic Church, Advent is the period of preparation before Christmas, the birth day of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In conjunction with the beginning of Advent, the Archdiocese of Washington begins the “Find the Perfect Gift” initiative, which is an invitation to get to know more about Christ during this special season.

At findtheperfectgift.org, visitors can learn about Advent and Christmas traditions and find opportunities to celebrate this season of joy and peace.

find the perfect gift

Contact the Office of Evangelization and Pastoral Planning for more information.