Annual Appeal

2021 Annual Appeal

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Thank you for supporting the 2021 Annual Appeal of the Archdiocese of Washington.

We invite you join in the mission of the Annual Appeal as we seek Christ together. By strengthening the charitable works of our Archdiocese, you enable all those Seeking Christ to find His healing, His word, and His friendship.

We encourage you to read about the Appeal in Action and to explore our Frequently Asked Questions. We hope this information will inspire you to give generously to our 2021 Annual Appeal, which you can do here. We also offer many other Ways to Give.

100% of your gift is restricted to the ministries and programs that are a part of the Annual Appeal. Not a penny will go into another fund, nor to legal or settlement fees, nor to the costs to conduct the Appeal, which are provided from separate revenue sources.

Finally, if you are a parish leader, please click here for resources to conduct the Appeal at your parish.

Thank you for your support and for Seeking Christ with us this year!

Cardinal Wilton Gregory“Everyone is looking for you.” (Mark 1:37)

Directed at Jesus, these are the first words spoken by Peter in the Gospel of Mark. They could easily be our own first words to Jesus: Lord, amidst so much suffering in the world today, everyone is looking for You – Your mercy, Your protection, Your care!

In fact, this is precisely what Jesus desires us to say. He assures us, “Seek and you will find” (Mt 7:7); first, by plunging into the depths of our own hearts. There, He is ready to take on the yoke of our deepest fears, our sufferings and our petitions. Through hearts of prayer, we are unburdened and we are also transformed, becoming prisms through which God’s divine light shines forth.

Together, nourished by the Sacraments, we become Christ’s hands and feet, and with apostolic zeal reach out to all those suffering in body, mind and spirit. This is the mission of the Church: to be the ark upon which all are saved, the boat from which we cast our nets, and the lamp that draws in all who wander and are lost.

However, our ark is in need of strengthening, our nets are in need mending, and our lamp is in need of more oil! For this reason, I call upon the people of this Archdiocese to renew their commitment to Seeking Christ, which is the theme for this year’s 2021 Annual Appeal. Through our collective prayer and sacrificial gifts, we can ensure all those seeking Christ will find Him in our Church.

The pandemic has brought hardship on everyone. I pray daily that God’s providence will sustain you through these trials. It has also brought hardship on our local Church. For this reason I am eternally grateful for your kindness and support. May God bless you and may your faithfulness lead you to find Christ always.

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