Marriage Preparation

The sacrament of matrimony is a wonderful gift and vocation to holiness. The Church wants to assist you with this calling to a life of self-giving and commitment, and so each couple participates in marriage preparation programs. Click here to learn more about beginning the process of preparing for marriage.

For Your Marriage

The Church that helped prepare you for marriage is still here for you when you need help in your marriage whether you are experiencing a dry-spell or distance or if your marriage is in a storm, the Church is here to help.

Articles about marriage

Married love is a generous love by Father Rick Kramer

In their marriage, husbands and wives are called to imitate Christ in their life and to walk in love as Christ loved us. St. Paul writes about God’s plan for married love in Ephesians where he says, “Be subject to one another out of reverence for Christ.” Then he explains how the love…

Expecting the unexpected by Carla Ferrando-Bowling

Each year couples who attend our marriage preparation classes come with the hope to start a new life with the blessing of God. They bring with them many expectations, a long list of all the things they should have for their celebration, but have they ever thought of the unexpected?

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