Parish Faith Formation

The Mission of the Office for Catechesis is to “put adults, youth, and children in communion and intimacy with Jesus Christ through lifelong catechesis for discipleship in and through the Catholic Church.” National Directory for Catechesis

“It is by celebrating our strengths, identifying areas for improvement and working together that Catholic education will flourish for generations to come, bringing them Christ’s gospel and helping them grow in their encounter with the living Lord.”

~ Cardinal Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington

Catechesis, sometimes referred to as religious education, is an essential component of evangelization. Its aim is not simply to instruct, but to form people as Christian disciples and bring them to intimacy and communion with Jesus Christ.

The Office for Catechesis supports and implements policies for religious education/catechesis carried out in parishes of the Archdiocese of Washington. It is committed to all catechetical ministries, offered to both adults and youth/children, which have as their goal a deepened faith and a more profound understanding of the Person of Christ (Catechesi Tradendae, 5).



Knowing the Catholic faith is central to living a life close to Jesus and the Church, and to being able to share with others — to answer questions from co-workers or our children. But many adults today don’t know their faith well but want to learn — this page and is specifically designed to help adult Catholics today learn more about their faith using simple and accessible online and in-parish resources.

I Want to Grow in My Faith

Need to know more about your faith? Want to grow closer to God? Below are some easy to use and accessible online and in-parish options for all Catholics to grow in their faith. The online courses are easy to use, affordable and can be done at your own pace. Courses are also taught live in parishes across the archdiocese.

Are you a young adult looking for a small group or community in which to enrich your faith experience? Click here.

I am a Parish Leader

Planning adult formation for your parish community? Do you know that many cannot come out to evening programs? In collaboration with My Catholic Faith Delivered the Archdiocese is pleased to offer a variety of excellent online learning opportunities (in addition to in-parish live programs) for adults to learn the faith. All online courses have the option for usage by a group, for online facilitation and discussion, and individual use depending on your parish needs. All courses are in English and Spanish with group discounts available.

The Archdiocese of Washington presents a short foundational program designed to reach Catholics looking to learn or relearn the beautiful truths of the Catholic faith which we are all called to share as part of the new evangelization. Faith Foundations is a series of ONLINE and LIVE courses designed to help you deepen your knowledge of the truths of the faith.



Please contact the Office for Catechesis for more information.