Catholic Ministry Formation

For Archdiocese of Washington Full-time and Part-time Employees

As the Church of Washington endeavors to live out Our Lord’s call to missionary discipleship (Matthew 28:16‐20) and the invitation of Pope Francis to truly rejoice in the Joy of the Gospel, we recognize with gratitude the integral participation of all those with ministerial roles in the Church.

In support of the responsibilities entrusted to those who serve the Church, The Archdiocese has developed Catholic Ministry Formation opportunities for employees. The following webpage outlines the required formation opportunities designed to help employees understand the commitment to serve in a ministerial role.

I. Annual Formation and Commissioning

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington prioritizes ongoing Catholic ministry formation in order to effectively share the Good News of the Gospel. An initial formation requires of all employees to annually participate in a two‐hour workshop focused on Catholic identity. This workshop is offered by each school’s pastor and/or principal as the spiritual leaders of the community.

Annually, employees both Catholic and non‐Catholic, will participate in reflection on Catholic Identity and be commissioned to serve and continue to grow as missionary disciples of the Lord. In this, the Church seeks to celebrate, highlight, and publicly thank those who dedicate themselves to serving Christ in His mission.

II. Living Catholic: Faith and Mission in Ministry

New employees must complete a Living Catholic workshop within 2 years from the date of hire.

This 7-hour workshop is built upon the Pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and invites all employees to reflect, in a personal way, on the key teachings of the Catholic faith. This workshop includes opportunities for personal prayer and group sharing. The objective of the formation workshop is to present the truths of the faith and help prepare employees to share the faith with others.

Pastors and principals should schedule Living Catholic training through the Secretariat for Catechesis at [email protected]. 

For employees looking for an open Living Catholic session, please register through the form below. 

Living Catholic