Secretariat for Communications

The Secretariat for Communications is a ministry that promotes and supports the work of The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington – in our parishes and schools and in our many community outreach efforts across the District of Columbia and in Maryland – in proclaiming the Good News, in teaching our Catholic faith, and as a visible sign of God’s love and compassion.

Working proactively and collaboratively, our team of talented writers and editors, social media developers, designers, reporters, photographers, and videographers from across the archdiocese use today’s tools and technologies to meet the people of the vibrant and diverse Church of Washington and the broader community where they are – online and in person – and help them to encounter Jesus and inspire them to proclaim the Good News: that Christ is alive in our world and will make all things new again.

We are committed to building our Catholic community by connecting people with the sacraments, supporting pastors in strengthening parish life, and assisting each person to discern their unique role and God’s call to love through evangelization and service.

The Communications Secretariat supports parishes, schools, and departments in sharing their story with all of our neighbors in the archdiocese, and we stand ready to serve you and your communications needs.

Meet the Team:

Paula Gwynn Grant

Secretary for Communications

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[email protected]


Angela Parsons

Director of Digital Media

[email protected]

Georgina Wilkinson

Creative Director

[email protected]

Patricia Zapor

Director of Media Relations

[email protected]

Geoffrey Ros

Director of Multimedia Production

[email protected]

Ronald Bethke

Multimedia Production Specialist

[email protected]

Luis Quezada

Spanish Translator/Hispanic Communications Specialist

[email protected]

Miguel Guilarte

Parish Support/Hispanic Communication Integration Specialist

[email protected]

Megan Novak

Design Assistant

[email protected]

Gabrielle Trivelli

Social Media and Design Coordinator

[email protected]

Nathalia Galan


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