Office of Cultural Diversity & Outreach

The Office of Cultural Diversity and Outreach supports the apostolic works of the Archdiocese of Washington in its evangelization, planning, coordination, ministry and outreach to the various racial, ethnic, and cultural diverse communities within its pastoral care.

An ever-increasing number of cultures and traditions are breathing new life into neighborhoods and communities across the region and the nation.  The Office of Cultural Diversity and Outreach of the Archdiocese of Washington provides resources and support which promote appreciation for that richness of diverse heritages and works for their integration within the life of both the Catholic community and the greater society.

Ethnic festivals, neighborhood celebrations, intercultural conferences and dialogue, workshops, special liturgies, pilgrimages and public devotions – such as the Living Stations of the Cross, El Señor de los Milagros procession, and Walk with Mary – are only some of the many events and initiatives that are hosted or supported by the Office working with other ministries and local partners to bring hope and healing to a world that too often sees others as strangers and not neighbors.

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Office e-mail: [email protected]

Mailing Address:
Post Office Box 29260
Washington, DC 20017-0260

Wendi Williams

Executive Director

[email protected]


Claudia Bartolini

Coordinator of Resource Development

[email protected]

(301) 853-5335 

Fr. Lalo Jara, OFM

Program Director

[email protected]

(301) 853-4469