Office of Worship

The Office of Worship of the Archdiocese of Washington, under the guidance of the principal liturgist, the Archbishop of Washington, and the leadership of the director, seeks to be a resource for parishes and ministers in the planning of liturgical celebrations and ceremonies. It is the responsibility of this office to oversee the liturgical norms and policies of the archdiocese. In addition, it assists parishes with the formation of its members in various ministries such as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, lectors and music, as well as providing information in other areas of liturgy.

Office of Worship Staff:

Timothy A. Johnston, MA, MACD

Brother Joseph Murphy

Liturgical Assistant

[email protected]


Archdiocese of Washington Ordo Publication

The Archdiocese of Washington Ordo is published annually to assist clergy and liturgical staff to prepare for the celebration of liturgies in the Archdiocese. Each date’s listing includes the liturgical information for the day: color of vestments, the citations of the readings for Mass, and optional celebrations. Also included are relevant notes, necrology of Archdiocesan priests and deacons, titular feast days of our parishes, and significant anniversaries of our bishops.

Ordo sales for the 2020/2021 liturgical year are completed. Ordo sales for the 2021/2022 liturgical year will be opened on September 1 or whenever the next edition is available. Please direct any questions to the Archdiocese of Washington Office of Worship: [email protected]

Guidelines for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

The Guidelines for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are available below in English and in Spanish.  The Appendix in English is available separately. The Spanish Guidelines include the appendix.

English without Appendix (Appendix offered separately) |  Appendix  | Spanish with Appendix