Secretariat for Development

The Secretariat for Development supports parishes, schools, campus ministries and agencies by educating and encouraging parishioners to use their gifts to fulfill the spiritual mission of, and provide a solid financial foundation for, a stronger and more vibrant Church of today and for future generations.


We believe informed and intentional commitments to the Church today ensure healthy and vibrant communities of faith tomorrow, enabling the faithful to follow Christ’s call to serve, minister, and deliver the Good News to our fellow brothers and sisters throughout our communities.


We educate and encourage the faithful to support parishes, schools, and Church ministries to help fulfill the mission of, and provide a solid financial foundation for, healthy and vibrant communities of faith.

Guiding Principles

We earn trust of the faithful and long-term partnership with the Church and its ministries when:

  • We show respect.
  • We respond to inquiries, comments, and concerns in a timely manner.
  • We listen to understand.
  • We demonstrate honesty, accountability, and transparency.
  • We proudly spread the Good News and the Good Works of the Church.
  • We ask with sincerity and without apology.
  • We share the impact of the gift to the ministries, people, and communities it supports.

We reinforce our principles every time to earn the trust of the faithful one at a time.

Joseph M. Gillmer, CFRE® CSPG CAP®

Executive Director of Development

[email protected]


Elizabeth Shaughney

Director of Stewardship

[email protected]


Joanne Pipkin, CAP®

Director of Donor Relations & Gift Planning

[email protected]


Danny J. Ortega

Annual Appeal Officer

[email protected]


Antonette E. Bruno, MPA

Foundation Relations Manager

[email protected]


Phillip A. Kelley

Development Associate

[email protected]