Missionary Cooperative Plan (MCP)

The Missionary Cooperative Plan (MCP) is an archdiocesan cooperative program of His Eminence, Donald Cardinal Wuerl. MCP plays a vital role in sharing with the faithful of the Archdiocese of Washington about the worldwide evangelistic mission of the Church and how they can support the missions.

Through the MCP, donations directly assist missionaries in their efforts to evangelize, form holy vocations, congregations and propagate the faith in various countries around the world. MCP helps enkindle the hearts of local parishioners, who otherwise do not have the ability to go and help the missions, to reawaken and deepen their senses and participate generously and actively in material support. Our parish pastors shepherd this cause in their parish to unite one believer at a time to the Church’s mission to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations and cultures.