Season for Healing

The unspeakable crime of sexual abuse inflicts substantial physical, emotional and spiritual wounds which cry out to heaven. The Lord in his compassionate love weeps for those who have been so dreadfully harmed, and his Church likewise grieves in their suffering with a desire that they find healing and peace in an ongoing recovery. The Church cannot express deeply enough its shame and remorse for such egregious acts of betrayal and violation by clergy, and also for the failure in various quarters to respond as they should have when survivors courageously come forward.

The Catholic faithful, together with the overwhelming number of good and holy priests and religious, have also experienced great pain upon revelations of how a few clergy have so scandalized and debased the priesthood and the Church they love with the grave evil they have done.

If you have experienced abuse, harassment or other wrongful acts against you, or you know someone who has, the Archdiocese offers resources to help find comfort and consolation. So that they too might find peace of mind and spirit, the Archdiocese likewise offers resources to the Catholic faithful and all people of good faith.

If you have been a victim of child sexual abuse or adult abuse, please contact:

Courtney Chase,LCSW-C, LICSW
Office of Child and Youth Protection & Safe Environment
[email protected]