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Latest Archdiocesan Updates

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Public Masses may resume starting Monday, May 25 within the Archdiocese of Washington in local jurisdictions that have lifted restrictions. For remaining jurisdictions that still have stay at home restrictions in place on May 25, resuming public Masses will wait until the restrictions are lifted.

The dispensation issued by Archbishop Gregory from the obligation to attend Mass during this time remains in effect. All persons who are subjects of the Archbishop of Washington no matter where they may be, and all other persons who are actually present in the Archdiocese of Washington who are under the obligation, are dispensed from the obligation until further notice (cann. 87 §1, 91).

Visit the Media Portal to view the latest statements regarding the coronavirus released by the Archdiocese of Washington.

Catholic Standard will also continue to provide information in the coming days.


Messages from Archbishop Gregory

Archbishop Gregory’s May 15 video message to the faithful regarding the transition to reopening →

“Since the Archdiocese of Washington includes territory in multiple jurisdictions, our reopening will have to reflect the various limitations that those jurisdictions impose on public assembly. In this local Church – in the midst of changing conditions – our archdiocesan team is working to finalize plans for when and how we will be able to resume public liturgy in an orderly and safe manner. Please follow the updates issued by your pastor for information pertaining to your particular parish.”

Archbishop Gregory has made available pastoral and spiritual resources as well as TV Mass. All are invited to join us for Mass and prayer via livestream.


Worship and Prayer Resources

Recorded and live-streamed Masses →

Dispensation, prayers, and making a spiritual communion →

The following resources have been developed to help parishes and individuals continue to provide and to participate in pastoral ministry, prayer and outreach. These resources were created at various times throughout the past month. Since civil guidelines and restrictions are developing, always follow the most recent guidance on social and physical distancing.


Health and Safety Information

The resource linked here contains more information on the coronavirus from the CDC and links to Maryland and DC health department resources.

Media inquiries should be directed to the Office of Media Relations.

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Visit the Media Portal to view the latest statements regarding the coronavirus released by the Archdiocese of Washington.