Resources for live-streaming in your parish

Many parishes have begun live-streaming Masses so that parishioners can participate from home. If your parish isn’t doing this but wants to begin, you can get started immediately. The good news is that anyone can quickly and easily begin streaming to Facebook or YouTube using nothing more than a smart phone.


The most basic setup includes your smartphone, a tripod and a microphone. A wireless mic like this one will pick up your pastor’s voice and make the audio very clear. Once the camera and microphone are set up, you simply go live on Facebook to begin streaming.

Another option is to purchase a webcam – this blog post has some great information and a list of recommended webcams. Webcams plug into your computer, where you can either download streaming software or log into your video streaming platform and begin your video.

Streaming to Facebook

If your parish has a Facebook page, streaming a Mass is as simple as beginning a live video from your page. Here is a fantastic video tutorial on how to live-stream Mass from Spirit Juice and a step-by-step guide to getting started with Facebook Live from TechSoup.

For additional help and resources for keeping your parish connected through Facebook, check out this Faith on Facebook Toolkit.

Streaming to YouTube

If your YouTube channel has fewer than 1000 subscribers, you won’t be able to stream on your phone. Rather, you’ll need a webcam. Here is more information on streaming to YouTube.

More practical tips

The USCCB has created a one-page tip sheet on how to live-stream Masses.