Statement from Cardinal-Designate Wilton Gregory on the Vatican “McCarrick Report”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This morning, the Vatican released the “McCarrick Report” – the report detailing the Vatican’s knowledge, decision-making, and investigation related to former Cardinal Theodore Edgar McCarrick from the years of 1930 to 2017. According to Vatican officials, this report was prepared by the Secretariat of State by mandate of Pope Francis.

Washington Cardinal-Designate Wilton Gregory released the following statement on the report:

Today the Vatican released its long-anticipated report on Theodore McCarrick.  The text is some 400 pages in length and, if it is not already, will be available shortly in its entirety on the Vatican website ( Though I am only now receiving this document, as you are, and have not had an opportunity to review it carefully, by virtue of the simple fact that this investigation had to be conducted and this report had to be written, my heart hurts for all who will be shocked, saddened, scandalized and angered by the revelations contained therein. Nonetheless, we know that if true redemptive healing is ever to commence – for those who have been harmed and for the Church Herself – this disclosure must be made.

Once I have had an opportunity to study the report more closely, especially as it relates to our Archdiocese of Washington, I will have more to say. This is an important, difficult and necessary document, and it demands prayerful, thorough and thoughtful reflection. May God’s infinite Mercy be upon us; may His unlimited Grace sustain us.

(En Español) – El Vaticano dio a conocer hoy su tan esperado informe sobre Theodore McCarrick. El texto tiene unas 400 páginas y, si no lo está ya, estará disponible en breve en su totalidad en el sitio web del Vaticano ( Aunque apenas acabo de recibir este documento, tal como ustedes, y no he tenido la oportunidad de revisarlo cuidadosamente, por el simple hecho de que hubo de llevarse a cabo esta investigación y que debió escribirse este informe, se llena de tristeza y pesar mi corazón por todos los que se sentirán sacudidos, pesarosos, escandalizados y enojados por las revelaciones contenidas en él. Sabemos no obstante que, en orden a que pueda comenzar alguna vez una verdadera curación redentora para quienes han sido lesionados y para la Iglesia misma, es preciso hacer esta revelación.

Una vez que haya tenido la oportunidad de estudiar el informe con más detenimiento, sobre todo en lo que se refiere a nuestra Arquidiócesis de Washington, podré comentar más al respecto. Este es un documento importante, difícil y necesario, que exige una reflexión profunda y detenida en oración. Que la infinita misericordia de Dios esté sobre nosotros y que su gracia ilimitada nos fortalezca.

In February 2019, the Vatican announced that at the conclusion of a penal process, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith imposed on former Archbishop Theodore E. McCarrick the penalty of dismissal from the clerical state, thus prohibiting him any type of priestly ministry.

The Archdiocese of Washington continues its commitment to keeping children safe and to bringing healing to those harmed. Since 1986, and revised most recently in July 2019, the archdiocese has had a written Child Protection and Safe Environment Policy, which covers reporting, prevention and healing. It mandates reporting to civil authorities; education for children and adults; and background checks for clergy, employees and volunteers who work with minors. The policy also includes information on assistance for those harmed and what to do if there is an allegation. A Child Protection Advisory Board of predominantly lay experts advises on and monitors compliance with child protection efforts. The board updates the Archdiocesan Child Protection Policy when needed and publishes annual reports on Archdiocesan efforts in the area of child protection.

For more information, please contact the Office of Child and Youth Protection & Safe Environment at 301-853-5328, or visit

For information about the Catholic Bishop Abuse Reporting Service, or to report an incident of sexual abuse and related misconduct by a bishop, please contact the Catholic Bishop Abuse Reporting Service at or call (800) 276-1562.