Thank you for considering support for the Annual Appeal!

Each year, the Annual Appeal is an opportunity for us as a community of faith to help our neighbors’ corporal and spiritual needs. Through the Appeal, you help provide genuine acts of charity to our brothers and sisters. You make possible so much good in Catholic evangelization and education, priestly formation, social services to those struggling on the margins and in our midst, and ministries serving hospitals, university campuses, detention centers, and others in need.

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about the 2019 Annual Appeal:

Why was the name of the Appeal changed this year?

The Archdiocese of Washington’s Annual Appeal has had many names over its 50-year history: Archbishop’s Appeal, Archdiocesan Annual Appeal, Archbishop’s Lenten Appeal, and the Cardinal’s Appeal to name a few. What has not changed is the Annual Appeal’s mission to help the faithful of the Church of Washington each year to support the good works of the Church.

With the current transition in leadership, we have made two changes to the name of the Annual Appeal. We have chosen to name the Annual Appeal simply by year (e.g., “2019 Annual Appeal”). As a reflection of what the Annual Appeal represents, we have focused on the theme: Our Faith. Our Hope. Our Mission – The 2019 Annual Appeal.

Why should I support the Annual Appeal when I can support individual Catholic ministries?

As Catholics, we are united in our faith, the sacraments and the good works of the Church. The Annual Appeal provides a way for each of us to support critical services and ministries of the Church in an efficient, effective and meaningful way, and to support ministries larger than any particular parish or agency. Further, there are many ministries supported by the Annual Appeal that do not have a way to receive support for their good works from direct charitable donations. Contributions to the Annual Appeal are applied 100% to the mission and archdiocesan wide ministries supported by the Annual Appeal. The Archdiocese of Washington pays for expenses related to conducting the Appeal through other revenue sources.

Is there a minimum I need to donate?

There is no minimum. All gifts are gratefully accepted and valued. We seek to provide all supporters the opportunity to prayerfully consider support for the Annual Appeal in accordance with the gifts God has given to them so that, together, we can improve the lives of thousands of people and strengthen the ministry and outreach throughout the Archdiocese.

How can I contribute?

You may make a contribution by check, credit card or automatic debit of a credit card or checking/savings account. We also gratefully accept gifts of stock and, for those who are 70½ or older, direct transfer gifts from a traditional IRA to the Archdiocese are also an option to support the Appeal. Click HERE to make a contribution to the Annual Appeal now.

NEW THIS YEAR: you may donate from your phone: Text “GIVE” to (301) 231-1816.

Accountability and transparency are important to me…

What is the cost to conduct the Annual Appeal each year?

The annual cost for outreach, gift and data processing, pledge reminders, gift acknowledgements and other correspondence relating to the Annual Appeal is approximately $1 million. With an average of more than $14 million raised annually, the cost to conduct the Annual Appeal is seven (7) pennies per dollar raised.

Are the costs of the Annual Appeal deducted from donations to the Appeal?

No. The Archdiocese of Washington pays the cost to conduct the Annual Appeal through other revenue sources so that 100% of donations provided for the Annual Appeal are applied to ministries supported by the Annual Appeal.

How can I be sure that my support for the Annual Appeal will go to the missions and ministries listed on the website and brochure?

When a nonprofit such as the Archdiocese of Washington promotes a charitable campaign with specific elements, such as the Annual Appeal, it is considered donor-restricted giving. Funds raised for the Annual Appeal must be applied to the elements of the Appeal (or we must receive donor permission to redirect funds if the project has changed). For the Archdiocese of Washington, Annual Appeal donations are separate from other funds and accounts to ensure that 100% of every donation to the Annual Appeal is applied to ministries supported by the Annual Appeal.

Is any support for the Annual Appeal used for legal fees or settlements related to the clergy abuse crisis?

No. The Annual Appeal is restricted to support only the mission and ministries outlined on appeal.adw.org. Funds received for the Annual Appeal are not used for any other purpose, including legal fees and/or settlements that the Archdiocese of Washington may incur due to the clergy abuse crisis or any other legal action.

Where can I find key financials on the Archdiocese of Washington, such as independent audits and IRS 990 forms?

The Archdiocese of Washington is independently audited (Click HERE for the Audit) and produces a financial report each year (Click HERE for the Report). In addition, the Archdiocese completes a pro-forma IRS 990 each fiscal year (Click HERE for the 990). The pro-forma 990 is the document that a major of charity watchdogs use to evaluate the financials of a nonprofit.

How can I make sure my parish gets credit for my gift?

Be sure to include your parish and city on the form. You may also include your parish code, which you can find here.

For more information about the Annual Appeal, please contact

David Cook
Director, Annual Appeal
[email protected]