Catholic Civil Dialogue Initiative for Youth

The Catholic Civil Dialogue Initiative

Welcome to the Catholic Civil Dialogue Initiative! Our program is designed for youth and young adult leaders who are interested in addressing challenging Church teachings through dialogue. Through this program, you will engage in open conversation with your peers about Catholic Social Teaching.

GIVEN Catholic Young Women's Leadership ForumMost dialogues will take place in small groups of 4-6 young people, either in person or online. Prior to each conversation, you will review Catechetical Resources and to engage in some reflection and prayer opportunities. Here are some sample Catechetical Resources on the topic of Human Life and Dignity.

During the civil dialogues, you will respond to questions about your personal experience, values, and perspectives. An important part of dialogue is learning how to listen and respond to others. We expect all participants to communicate with respect and compassion, even when you may disagree with one another. You will be guided by a communication agreement throughout this process.

If you complete three dialogues and an evaluation, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. These dialogues can take place in your local or diocesan community, or at a national conference. To learn more about the program, please share your interest with your teacher, campus minister, or youth minster. Together, you can contact the Office of Life Issues at [email protected].

If you are interested in participating the Catholic Civil Dialogue Initiative and have any questions, please contact Kathryn Yanik, Director of Life Issues, at [email protected].