Cardinal’s Appeal

“I ask you to assist me as together we try to respond to the call to let our works speak for us and let our good deeds manifest our efforts to bring about a world of justice, truth, peace and love. Our hope is that our goodness might in fact help us merit, as the Gospel tells us, to enter the kingdom of heaven.” – Cardinal Donald Wuerl

Once a year, the Archdiocese of Washington conducts an appeal to support the mission and ministry of the archdiocese. The Cardinal’s Appeal is an opportunity to share our financial gifts in order to help provide education, ministry and services throughout our community.

In 1969, Cardinal O’Boyle established the annual appeal for the Archdiocese of Washington. Since then, the Appeal has delivered millions of dollars to provide loving care, education and leadership to people throughout our community. In particular, the Cardinal’s Appeal supports Catholic Charities, Education, Chaplaincies, Special Ministries, Family Life and Pro-Life causes, Leadership and Formation, Communications and Outreach, Clergy, and Vocations.

People in all of our parishes and missions are asked to make a significant financial commitment to this important cause of caring for all and sharing our faith.