St. Dominic (Mission)

Parish Information

  • 22300 Aquasco Road Aquasco, MD, 20608

Parish Staff

  • Pastor: Reverend Mark A. Cusick
  • Administrator: Martino I. Choi
  • Secretary: Suzanne Stuart
  • Bookkeeper: Fran O'Neill
  • Ministry Coordinator: Joanna Mason
  • Maintenance Manager: John DiSandro

Pastor: Reverend Mark A. Cusick

Canonically Established: 1879-1920 as a Mission of St. Peter, Waldorf; 1920-1973 as a Mission of St. Francis de Sales, Benedict; currently a Mission of St. Michael, Baden

Wheelchair Accessible

Service Information

Mass Times:

  • Sunday at 10:00 AM (Latin - Tridentine)

Confession Times:

  • Sunday, 9:30 AM to before Mass.

Eucharistic Adoration

Sacrament of Penance: By Appointment
Before and After all Masses as available