Hospital Ministry

The Archdiocese of Washington Hospital Ministry team provides training and support to clergy, religious, and lay people who provide pastoral care to the sick.

Questionnaire for Hospital Chaplains

The Archdiocese of Washington continuously explores how to better support the chaplains, both priests and deacons, currently providing ministry to the sick. These questions are designed to provide the archdiocese a profile of those actively serving in hospitals, skill nursing facilities, hospices, and assisted living facilities. We want to thank you for your assistance and for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire.

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For questions, please contact Deacon Thomas Devaney, Coordinator of Hospital Chaplains: [email protected] or Jonathan Lewis, Assistant Secretary for Pastoral Ministry: [email protected]

Prison Ministry

Our parishes, as the place where people most experience the life of the Church, must be places of welcome, where everyone is invited, particularly anyone who might be disillusioned or disaffected by contemporary society or even by our faith community. The Church assures all that there is a place for everyone here in our spiritual home.

Welcome Home Reentry Program (WHRP)

The Welcome Home Reentry Program (WHRP) provides mentoring and other supportive services to men and women returning to the Washington metropolitan area.  WHRP Mentors help returning citizens address immediate needs, as well as barriers to housing, employment, transportation, mental and physical health care, substance abuse treatment, family reintegration, education and literacy.  Additionally, these supportive relationships help to address these needs by providing relevant information, guidance and encouragement. The support of a trusted, skilled mentor can boost confidence, increase self-esteem, and provide an opportunity for positive communication to relieve frustration, rejection and ostracism that is common in the lives of former prisoners. Volunteer mentors help mentees make informed and positive decisions, and help steer them away from negative patterns of behavior that can ultimately result in further and drastic degradation of their quality of life.

Deacon Tom Devaney, Hospital Ministry Coordinator

[email protected]


Deacon Chris Schwartz, Prison Ministry Coordinator

[email protected]