Catholic Schools

You want your child to have the best education possible—without sacrificing the Catholic values of love, faith and service. Archdiocese of Washington Catholic schools deliver the right mix of faith, family and life-long learning to prepare your child for today’s modern world.

Each Catholic school offers an encounter with Jesus Christ and maintains a rigorous, engaging curriculum based on the highest academic standards, while offering unique programs and attributes.



Archdiocese of Washington Catholic schools integrate Catholic identity right into the curriculum. Your child won’t just learn about math, science, history, literature and the arts – they’ll learn about these topics in a well-rounded way, with Christ’s teachings at the center.

It’s the difference between a secular education and one that encourages all students to share and explore Christ’s love through kindness and service to the community. All our schools celebrate Mass, invite students to participate in daily prayer, and celebrate Christmas, Lent and Easter.



Shared values and shared family experiences create a safe, healthy culture within Archdiocese of Washington Catholic schools. Families, teachers, faculty and clergy know each other well and join together to help every child succeed.


Life-Long Learning

A strong moral and spiritual foundation for life-long learning is especially important to meet the challenges of today’s modern world. Archdiocese of Washington Catholic schools will help nurture the love of Christ, life-long learning and service to equip your child for future success.

Learn more about the Archdiocese of Washington Catholic Schools at our website, or contact the Catholic Schools Office for more information.