Forming Disciples


The Forming Disciples for the New Evangelization Curriculum Guide is a standard instrument for ensuring that the faith is taught in a complete, systematic and consistent way in all parish and Catholic school programs.

Based on the pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the curriculum addresses the six tasks of catechesis, in an age-appropriate manner, as six key elements of lived Catholic life so as to help young disciples in formation to realize the intimate connection between our Catholic faith and life. These six key elements of Catholic life “constitute a unified whole by which catechesis seeks to achieve its objective: the formation of disciples of Jesus Christ” (GDC, 85-86).  Spiral in scope and sequence, the standards and indicators clearly outline what participants in parish religious education and Catholic elementary schools (Grades Pre-K through 8) should be able to know, to understand and to do at each grade level.