Being Catholic Today

Each of us has a name. It is how we are known. To the world around us, our name identifies us, it says who we are. But there is more to the identity of each one of us than just our own personal name.

Chapters in the pastoral letter deal with the gift of new life through baptism, reflections on what it means to be a member of God’s family, the ways by which people can see the presence of the Church, what the choice to be a follower of Jesus entails, the impact of God’s mercy in people’s lives and in the world, and the Church’s contributions to the wider community.  The cardinal notes that a key part of the pastoral letter reflects on “our freedom to be who we are as followers of Christ, and some of the challenges of our age as we try to live and share our faith.”

Cardinal Wuerl’s new pastoral letter is his ninth pastoral letter since being installed as the archbishop of Washington in 2006.

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In chapter three, Cardinal Wuerl writes, “We are called to manifest the kingdom of God not merely within our church buildings, but out in the world, building up the common good.”
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