The Way Women’s Retreat

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When: Friday November 15th – Sunday November 17th, 2019

Cost: Free! Please register by contacting Deborah McDonald at [email protected] or 301-853-4466.

The Way is a free, 3-day guided meditation and prayer program for men and women. It is an opportunity for healing and prayer and for survivors to reflect on God’s plan for their lives.

Have you experienced dread, confusion, deep hurt, betrayal or anger when you think of the abuse you have suffered?

Alternatively, maybe you are feeling nothing at all.
You have every right to these feelings. They are natural reactions to the trauma you have survived.

You may be asking yourself:

What do I do with all of this?

How will confronting my abuse experience affect my life?

How will I ever recover my trust in people, God, my Church again?

Does it really matter?

Do I matter?

The Way is the path to take to find answers to these and many other questions for which your heart, mind, body, and soul have been searching. This is where your healing journey begins. These three days of guided meditations and prayer crafted around the Stations of the Cross will show you the steps Christ took to overcome dread, confusion, deep hurt, betrayal and anger not only for his experience of abuse – which culminated in his death on the cross and new life in the Resurrection – but for your abuse as well. You can choose to walk The Way with him, learn his ways, transform your pain and suffering into a new life, the life God has always wanted for you but that the sins of another has disfigured in countless ways.

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