Examination of Conscience

Ask God to help you make a good confession.
In quiet reflection ask yourself: Since my last confession…

  • Did I pray to God, daily and from my heart?
  • Did I live and witness to my Catholic faith, joyfully and
    courageously? Did I take God’s name in vain? Did I curse
    anyone or make false oaths? Did I engage in superstitious
    or occult practices?
  • Did I attend and participate actively at Mass on Sundays
    and holy days of obligation? Did I fast & abstain on
    prescribed days?
  • Did I respect people in authority? My employer? Did I
    honor my parents?
  • Was I violent or unnecessarily aggressive (e.g., physically,
    verbally, psychologically, etc.) with anyone?
  • Was I prideful, stubborn, or rude with anyone? Did I hold a
  • Did I abuse alcohol, prescription medications, or illegal
    drugs? Did I overindulge in food?
  • Did I consent to, recommend, advise, or actively take part in
    an abortion? Did I use abortifacient drugs?
  • Did I view pornography, entertain lustful thoughts,
    conversations or actions?
  • Was I unloving to my spouse? Did I engage in adulterous
    activity (e.g., sexual, emotional, virtual, etc.)? Did I use
  • Was I neglectful of the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, or
    physical needs of my spouse, children, or family?
  • Did I steal or damage another’s property? Was I honest and
    just in my business relations? Did I waste time at work?
  • Did I contribute to the needs of the spiritually and
    materially poor with my time and resources?
  • Did I engage in gossip? Did I lie? Did I speak poorly of
    others? Did I judge anyone unfairly?
  • Did I envy anyone? Was I jealous of others or covet
    another’s belongings?