Annual Appeal

2022 Annual Appeal

Thank you for supporting the 2022 Annual Appeal of The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington.

We invite you to join in the mission of the Annual Appeal as we offer together from God’s abundance our gifts of charity. By supporting the charitable works of our local Church, you strengthen our one Body of Christ to care for all those in need throughout our Archdiocese.

100% of your gift is restricted to the ministries and programs that are a part of the Annual Appeal. Not a penny will go into another fund, nor to legal or settlement fees, nor to the costs to conduct the Annual Appeal, which are provided from separate revenue sources.

Thank you for your support this year!

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My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As my predecessor in this Archdiocese, Cardinal James A. Hickey, once wisely said, “We [serve] not because they are Catholic, but because we are Catholic.”

“We are Catholic,” first and foremost when we recognize God’s grace perpetually at work in our lives. Our theme for the 2022 Annual Appeal is From God’s Abundance, Our Gifts of Charity as a reminder that He is the Source of all that is good, including and especially during times of hardship.

God permits our needs as well. In caring for one another’s needs, we magnify His glory and mercy. The needs within our Archdiocese have only grown since the pandemic began: to inspire more and holy priests, to ensure all Catholic youth receive an excellent Catholic education, to better care for our earth, to strengthen the family and uphold the dignity of life, to expand our social and community outreach, and the list goes on.

Responding to these needs is God’s invitation for us to show that “we are Catholic.” In total, more than 70 ministries of our local Church are uplifted when you make a financial gift to the Annual Appeal. I encourage you to read more about these ministries in this brochure.

On behalf of our faith communities supported by your kindness, I wish to express my sincere gratitude for your sacrificial giving. May your generosity be returned to you in even greater abundance from our God who will never be outdone in love.

2022 Annual Appeal Goal: $11 million

The Annual Appeal provides critical funding for more than 70 ministries active across The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington. Your gift will have a broad and lasting impact for thousands in our local communities of faith.


Vocations, Seminarian Education and Clergy and Religious Support

$4,080,000     //     37%

By donating to the Annual Appeal, you support our current and future generations of archdiocesan priests, deacons and religious. From vocational outreach and seminarian formation, to continuing education and other clergy support programs, your gift spans the whole of the active ministerial life of our clergy.

Catechesis and Catholic Education

$1,770,000     //     16%

Forming youth in the faith and accompanying new Catholics in their conversion journey are essential ministries of our Archdiocese supported by your gift. Additionally, administrators and teachers of our Catholic schools receive continual training, mentorship and other forms of professional development through your support. Overall, more than 40,000 local youth are impacted by your gift, inspired to pursue lives of faith, hope and charity!


Pastoral and Social Concerns // Deaf and Disabilities Ministry

$1,930,000     //     18%

Archdiocesan ministries extend the pastoral and social outreach of our parishes. Programs such as Deaf and Disabilities Ministry, Laudato Si’ initiatives, international community apostolates and other outreach ministries offer services our parishes would be unable to provide on their own. The Annual Appeal also supports Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington, which operates nearly 60 programs opening doors of help and hope. By donating to the Annual Appeal, you ensure that all people regardless of their circumstances or state in life find Christ’s healing hands and words.

Campus Ministries // Hospital and Prison Ministries

$1,180,000     //     11%

College is a critical time for a young person’s holistic development. Our campus ministers and chaplains are equipped to ignite the spiritual life of students Catholic and non-Catholic alike through programming and relational ministry. At the same time, other Archdiocesan chaplains bring the sacraments to the sick and dying in hospitals as well as the incarcerated in detention centers. Thanks to your Annual Appeal support, the sacramental life of our faith extends far beyond our parishes and churches.


Communications and Outreach

$1,130,000     //     10%

The difficulties created by the pandemic have encouraged our local Church to find new and creative ways to spread the Gospel, especially through digital media. You help sustain and grow these modes of evangelization with your Annual Appeal gift.

Pro-Life and Family Ministries

$910,000     //     8%

From direct intervention services such as crisis pregnancy centers and post-abortion healing ministries, to youth outreach and public advocacy programs, your Annual Appeal gift ensures an authentic pro-life culture is flourishing within our Archdiocese. Your support also enables our Office of Family Life to provide retreats, workshops and prayer services for men, women, engaged and married couples from all walks of life.

70+ local ministries supported by your gift

Seminarian Education ● Vocation Outreach ● Consecrated Life Office ● Women’s Vocations ● Redemptoris Mater Seminary ● Saint John Paul II Seminary ● St. John Vianney House ● Permanent Diaconate Office ● Diaconate Candidate Formation ● Care of Sick Priests ● Ministry Life Programs ● Post Ordination Education ● Clergy Professional Development ● Spiritual Development Programs ● Priests Convocation ● Priest Personnel Support ● Clergy Serving Outside Diocese ● Jubilee Celebrations ● Pastoral Center Chapel ● Catholic Schools Office ● RCIA ● RCIC ● Religious Education ● CYO Administration ● St. Francis Community for the Deaf ● Deaf and Disabilities Ministry ● Council of Catholic Women ● Young Adult Ministry ● Ministry Training & Resources ● Life Issues Advocacy ● Pro-Life Ministry ● Pro-Life Partnership Programs ● Project Rachel ● Youth Rally and Mass for Life ● Affirming Life Initiative ● St. Ann’s Center for Children and Families ● Victory Youth Center ● V Encuentro ● Ethiopian Apostolate ● Nigerian Apostolate ● Outreach and Cultural Diversity Office ● Ecumenical Programs ● Parish Concerns Ministry ● Parish Pro-Life Programs ● Evangelization Programs ● Family Life Programs ● Family Ministry Office ● Worship and Liturgy Office ● American University CCM ● Gallaudet University CCM ● George Washington University CCM ● Howard University CCM ● St. Mary’s College CCM ● University of Maryland CCM ● Prison Ministry ● Hospital Ministry ● Communications Office ● Catholic Standard ● El Pregonero ● Media & Public Relations ● Digital Media Outreach ● Multi-Media Production ● TV Mass ● Clergy Communications ● Find the Perfect Gift Initiative ● The Light is On for You Initiative ● Diocesan Sponsored Programs ● Conferences ● Liturgical Events ● Catholic Information Center ● Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington

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