Archdiocese Will Welcome Catholic School Students from Hurricane-Devastated Areas

September 01, 2005

All pastors and principals in the Archdiocese of Washington have been asked to welcome students from Catholic schools in the regions devastated by Hurricane Katrina into schools in the Archdiocese of Washington. The Archdiocese already has received a couple of calls from families who were able to evacuate that region and anticipates more requests may come in.

An e-mail sent to parishes and schools this morning read, “As you know the Archdiocese is committed to doing everything possible to assist our brothers and sisters along the Gulf Coast who have been severely affected by the hurricane. We are receiving calls from people who were fortunate enough to evacuate to our area. Some are seeking a place in our Catholic Schools for their children who were in Catholic Schools in those devastated areas. Cardinal McCarrick is requesting all pastors of parishes with schools to open their classroom doors to these students…”

Schools are asked to waive tuition for those who are financially in need, and to contact the Archdiocese of Washington’s Catholic Schools Office for assistance in providing uniforms, books and supplies.

Cardinal McCarrick also has asked all 140 parishes in the Archdiocese of Washington to hold a special collection for the victims of Hurricane Katrina during September. Many parishes will take up a collection this weekend or the weekend of September 16-17.

Susan Gibbs
Director of Communications
[email protected]