Archbishop Wuerl Offers Opening Prayer at Washington, DC Observance of the National Day of Prayer

May 06, 2010

Washington Archbishop Donald W. Wuerl offered the opening prayer as part of today’s observance of the National Day of Prayer held in Washington, DC. The text of his prayer follows:

National Day of Prayer

Good and gracious God,
font of life and love,
giver of all good things,
we gather in faith as we mark our nation’s 59th National Day of Prayer.

We praise you,
we bless you
and we adore you,
mindful that not only
do you bring us into existence,
but your loving providence guides us
and assures us,
if we remain faithful to you,
of success in all that we seek
to accomplish in manifesting
your kingdom among us.

In these days,
with their unique challenges,
may we sense your guiding hand.

May you always be our
“refuge in time of trouble.” (Nahum 1:7)

Provide us with your ever-present Spirit,
a Spirit of wisdom and understanding,
of right judgment and counsel,
as we raise our voices in heartfelt prayer.

Strengthen your people
and bless this nation with the resolve
to walk humbly in your sight,
to carry out our activities with integrity
and always with an awareness of
human suffering in our midst
and in our world.

Through your Spirit,
help us now to meet the challenges
set before us.

You are with us always as you have promised.
Grant us quiet moments of deep reflection
marked by spiritual renewal and sustaining grace.

Bring us to a greater discipline
that our moral fiber and our spiritual values,
built upon our pursuit of
life, liberty and happiness,
may be a light to the world.

Through our daily efforts
may the institutions of our land always instill hope in the goodness of this country and its people.

May this great and beautiful country
be one nation of many peoples,
from all ethnic backgrounds and races
all living together with great faith
and equal dignity.

May we always be ready to gather
in public worship to praise you and thank you
as the Creator
who guides and directs us.

Make us compassionate
to all who suffer from injustice
and oppression.

Through true repentance, bring us lasting resolve
so we as a people of prayer and good will
may be agents of reconciliation and
instruments of peace.

Gracious God, guide us always
for we place our trust in you
and make this prayer in your Holy Name. Amen.

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