Lead a Small Group

The goal of small group ministry is to make a big Church small by creating spaces for people to come together to make friends, make disciples, and make a difference in the world. We do what Jesus did: we personally invite a small group of people to walk with together as friends and grow in holiness.

Who Me?

Yes, you! The best small group leaders are not necessarily theological experts but great hosts and mentors who are faithful in living out the teachings of the Catholic Church, available to host small group sessions and get to know the people in their group personally, and teachable, interested in learning more about their faith. Does that sound like you? Then let’s go!

How do I start a Small Group?

We are here to help you! We want to equip you to be successful as a small group leader. We have a four part Small Group Leader Training video series accompanied by a Small Groups 101 workbook that will help you hone your skills as a small group leader. We are also available for one on one conversations and will offer virtual Leader gatherings to come together as leaders to pray, connect, and share our experiences!

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How do you spread the word about your group? First, the best invitation is a personal invitation. We encourage you to reach out personally to invite friends, coworkers, and other local folks you know. As you are doing this we work alongside you to promote your group digitally to other young adults who are looking for a group just like yours!

Small Group Video Series

Want to explore Truth? Find Joy? Experience Love? Know Hope?

Join six inspiring DC priests for, The Source, a series of Ted-style talks and faith stories–all in 20 minutes or less.

Make it a party! Invite friends and click here for “conversation starter questions“. All so easy and FREE!

Contact Molly Herrera in the Office of Young Adult and Campus Ministry to connect learn more about small groups.