Hospital Ministry

The Church’s mission is a response to Jesus’ gift, for she knows that she must bring to the sick the Lord’s own gaze, full of tenderness and compassion.

~ Pope Francis, 26th World Day of the Sick 2018

Provides training and support to clergy, religious, and lay people who provide pastoral care to the sick.

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The Archdiocese of Washington wants to explore ways to better support the chaplains, both priests and deacons, currently providing ministry to the sick. These questions are designed to provide the archdiocese a profile of those actively serving in hospitals, skill nursing facilities, hospices, and assisted living facilities. I want to thank you for your assistance and for taking the time to answer the following questions.

For questions, please contact Deacon Thomas Devaney, Coordinator of Hospital Chaplains: [email protected] or Jonathan Lewis, Assistant Secretary for Pastoral Ministry: [email protected]


To learn more, please contact Deacon Tom Devaney, Hospital Ministry Coordinator.