Transform Fear

It is common to experience some concerns or anxieties when approaching death: Will I be in pain? Who will care for me? These fears are natural. Making decisions about medical treatments at the end of life is difficult enough, and significant advances in medical technology make this process even more confusing and complex. Without adequate guidance and support, these fears can become overwhelming. They could even lead one to believe that physician assisted suicide is a legitimate solution.

Our faith addresses all these questions and offers us comfort at the end of life. Jesus’s Gospel of Life can transform our fear and bring new meaning to the mystery of sickness, suffering, and death. With this in mind, we know that our life has dignity and meaning at every stage and in every condition. Furthermore, Christ’s resurrection means that we can look toward death with the hope of eternal life rather than fear of the unknown.

The Department of Life Issues has compiled the following resources to help you understand the Church’s teachings on end of life issues, gain practical information about preparing for the end of life, and reflect on what it means to have a hopeful and holy death.


2017 Respect Life Month Bulletin Inserts

Transformation Series

Transformation Series (En Español)

Pilgrimage Series

Insert from the Maryland Catholic Conference


In May 2014, the Department of Life Issues hosted an end of life workshop at St. Raphael Parish.

Click here to download a copy of the discussion guide that can be used with the videos below.

Honoring the Dignity of Life in Sickness and Death – Church Teaching


Honoring the Dignity of Life in Sickness and Death – Medical Care


Honoring the Dignity of Life in Sickness and Death – Legal Preparations

Small Group Resources

Interested in hosting a book club or small group? Below you will find two examples with accompanying discussion questions.

Additional Resources

Advances in medicine and technology have led to more and more complex decision-making. As a Catholic, what are the key issues and facts? What questions should you ask before making any decisions or signing any documents? What is an Advanced Medical Directive and what kind is most appropriate – a Durable Power of Attorney? These easy-to-read resources will help give you the answers.

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