Evangelization 101 Workshop

E101 is a practical workshop on evangelization for parish leaders and volunteers. Through this two-hour workshop, participants will learn the Catholic vision of evangelization and fundamental skills for sharing their faith and inviting others to encounter Jesus Christ.

E101 is for parish leaders and volunteers, including clergy, staff, pastoral and finance councils, ministry leaders, and others and is designed to be run on your own as a parish or ministry group.

Goals of E101

Through this workshop, you will:

  1. Learn the Catholic vision of evangelization
  2. Recall the basics of the great story of Jesus
  3. Reflect on how God is working in your life
  4. Develop your 1-min faith story
  5. Discern when, where, and with whom to share your faith

Download E101 Materials

The PowerPoint file includes notes and instructions for presenters*. You may also contact the Secretariat for Pastoral Ministry and Social Concerns to request a facilitator from our staff.

*Note: You must download and extract the compressed file on the computer from which you plan to run the presentation.

Contact Anthony Esser, Office of Evangelization to learn more.