Discipleship/Evangelization Leader Training

Best Practice: Create a shared culture of evangelization by training heads of ministries and other key leaders using local and national resources.

Why Train Leaders?

Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us, a pastoral plan for adult faith formation in the United States, exhorts parishes, “prepare your leaders. Identify, invite, train and support people to serve as lead agents in fulfilling the plan. All who serve in this ministry, whether full-time professional, active parishioners, or outside speakers and consultants, need adequate formation.”

The document says that these leaders “need to be people of faith with an evangelizing spirit, a seal for God’s kingdom, and a commitment to lifelong formation.”

National resources and models

Ananias Training
by the Siena Institute

Ananias Training is a 17-hour process structured in five sessions, designed to form parishioners with no previous training in “the art of spirtual accompaniment.”

Archdiocese of Washington Parish Witness

St. Teresa of Avila – Charlene Howard

Small group leaders and hosts are asked to participate in one small group training a year and two formation opportunities such as a retreat or conference. Leaders are trained in “Missionary Discipleship” and group dynamics (role-playing, discussion, and feedback) giving them the practical tools for their particular ministry and placing that work in the context of missionary discipleship and the call to evangelization.

Support from the Central Pastoral Administration

The Archdiocesan Pastoral Center offers a variety of trainings based on a leader’s ministry, their place in formation, unique needs, or area of interest.

Please contact the Office of Evangelization for more information.