Mary Virginia Merrick Center

The Mission of the Mary Virginia Merrick Center is to serve as an Out-of-School safe place that operates as a community and youth recreational facility accessible to children and families.

The Merrick Center officially opened in 2007. The center is named after native Washingtonian and pioneering American Catholic social reform leader Mary Virginia Merrick who founded the Christ Child Society for needy infants, children, and their families in the Washington, D.C. area. When the Washington Highland and surrounding neighborhoods identified a great need for Out-of-School space, The Archdiocese of Washington and the District of Columbia partnered to obtain funding. The result is a 25,000 square foot community facility named after Mary Virginia Merrick.

The Merrick Center, as it is affectionately called has been recognized as a valuable component to the neighborhoods by longtime residents that seek to actively participate in programs that positively impact the community and quality of life for its residents.

The Merrick Center contributions to the local community are on-going and serving as after school safe place for youth. City-Gate Inc, Christ Child Society Inc. and the Merrick Center operate programs that serve as a resource for families in the communities throughout the year.

The Mary Virginia Merrick Center
4275 4th St SE 
Washington, DC 20032


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Darren Foster
Phone: 202-562-7590