Affirming Women, Affirming Life

The Northwest Center in Washington, D.C.

Founded in 1981 by alumni and students of Georgetown University, The Northwest Center offers the loving support and comprehensive aid necessary to enable women to continue their pregnancies, deliver healthy babies and adequately care for themselves and their children.

More than 56,314 women and children have found assistance at the Northwest Center.

Dominique Jones, is one such mother who has received material assistance for her twins as well as emotional support and connection to community resources.


The Northwest Center, Sanctuaries for Life, Catholic Birthing hospitals and Gabriel Network all support women and families challenged with a crisis pregnancy.


Catholic Birthing Hospitals

Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring and Holy Cross Germantown Hospital deliver more babies and care for more newborns with complex medical issues than any other hospital in Maryland or the District of Columbia.

Mercy Health Clinic

Concerned that the medical needs of many uninsured people were not being addressed in Montgomery County, parishioners of Our Lady of Mercy Church in Potomac established the Mercy Health Clinic in partnership with the local government and other.

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Hospitals By the Numbers


Georgetown University Medical Center has provided

$2.4 million of community services

44,000 needy children and adolescents provided medical and behavioral care by the Kids Mobile Medical Clinic/Ronald McDonald Care Mobile

Holy Cross Health

Founded by the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross, the health care system that began with Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring has made a huge and indispensable impact on the health and well-being of its neighbors – and it continues to grow. A little more than a half-century later, the system now boasts a new hospital in Germantown, built in 2014, an expansion of the Silver Spring facility in 2015, and a network of local health centers to meet an increased need.

  • 250,000 total patients were cared for by Holy Cross Hospital
  • 11,000 uninsured, low-income residents were provided medical care
  • More than 60 faith institutions and religious communities across the area, Holy Cross Health’s Faith Community Nurse Program hosts workshops and programs to keep seniors healthy and independent.

Catholic Charities Behavioral Health Services

Reconnecting with Life

Philip came to Catholic Charities through one of the agency’s shelters.

Through Catholic Charities, Philip was able to get a driver’s license. The agency’s Supported Employment Program helped him find work; in fact, one of his jobs is as a medical services courier with Catholic Charities.

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