The Catholic presence in this region began in 1634 with the act of healing when the Catholic founders of Maryland formed the colony as a place of religious freedom, hoping to mend religious divisions that had existed in England.

One hundred fifty years ago in 1868, the Little Sisters of the Poor religious order arrived on these shores and soon thereafter in 1871, they opened a home in the nation’s capital to lovingly care for the elderly poor who otherwise has no place to go.

The Catholic presence in big cities, suburbs, small towns and rural areas is that of a good neighbor dedicated to caring for the sick, dying, wounded, and broken-hearted. But whatever form it takes – from the programs operated by Catholic Charities, to the ministries of the Archdiocese of Washington, to caregivers in private practice or in partnerships with others – Catholic healing has made an indispensable impact on people’s lives and the whole society.


Catholic Charities Healthcare Services by the Numbers

Catholic Charities Health Care Network

5,240 patients served $10.7 million in pro bono care

20,000 people were helped through Adult and Children Clinical Services

4,416 patients served in Washington, D.C and Maryland dental clinics in 14,000 visits

The Catholic Charities Health Care Network connects low-income and uninsured patients in need of specialty care with dedicated volunteer health care professionals who are there to help them at minimum or no cost.


Catholic Charities Medical and Dental Clinics

Each year, Catholic Charities demonstrates the meaning of love of neighbor in providing medical and dental care to thousands of uninsured and low-income women, men and children, welcoming all who are in need regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality or social background. Offering not only treatment of the body, but that indispensable love that comforts and fosters true healing, Catholic Charities serves those who others will not.

Dental Clinics provides prevenative, diagonostic and acute dental services to adults and children, including:

  • oral exams
  • prophylaxis
  • root canal treatment
  • fillings
  • partial dentures
  • emergency oral care
  • restorative oral care

Medical Clinics 

As a part of the Spanish Catholic Center, these medical clinics offer a full range of comprehensive and holistic patient-centered services.