Schools Office

Secretary for Education: Dr. Jem Sullivan, 301-853-5331

The Archdiocese of Washington’s Education Secretariat provides leadership and service to Catholic schools, including elementary schools, high schools, early childhood programs and special programs. | 301-853-4518 | [email protected]

Superintendent of Schools
William Ryan, 301-853-4508

Associate Superintendent for Schools
Kelly Branaman, 301-853-4597

Associate Superintendent for Academics and School Leadership
Wendy Anderson, 301-853-4588

Assistant Superintendent for School Operations and Student Services
Ken Gaughan, 301-853-5353

Assistant Superintendent for Advancement and Enrollment Management
Wendi M. Williams, 301 853-4531

Assistant Superintendent for Catholic Identity and Accreditation
Laura Roland, 301-853-4590

Executive Director, Consortium of Catholic Academies
Marguerite Conley, 301-853-4540

Director for Special Education
Maggie Hubbard, 301-853-4569

Director for Assessment and Research
Le Shaun Quander-Mosley, 301-853-4598

Director for Government and Grant Programs
Brian Radziwill, 301-853-5357

Director for Educational Technology
Shannon Norris, 301-853-4549

Director for Curriculum and Instruction
Vicky McCann, 301-853-4548

Manager for Funding and Enrollment
Sean Brown, 301-853-5356

Data Coordinator
Uche Owelle, 301-853-5304

Read the Policies for Catholic Schools within the Archdiocese of Washington.