The Sacraments a Continuing Encounter with Christ

The Sacraments, A Continuing Encounter with Christ by Donald Cardinal Wuerl is a short Catechism on the Sacraments based on his work The Teaching of Christ: A Catholic Catechism for Adults.

Please play the video below to learn more about this exciting invitation from Cardinal Wuerl to experience ongoing conversion and daily transformation of life through the graces of the Sacraments.

“As disciples of Jesus Christ, we desire to know, love, and serve Him as members of His Body, the Church. We desire to live in the freedom and power of God’s gift of love. With the help of this short Catechism on the seven Sacraments, you are invited to deepen your relationship with the person of Jesus Christ, through his living sacramental presence. The seven Sacraments, instituted by Christ, are the means by which the Catholic Church offers to each person the life giving love and presence of God, that is grace. With this short Catechism as a companion and guide, may your study and prayerful reflection be such a renewed moment of grace. So that you experience the abiding presence of Jesus Christ in His Church, in your life and in the life of your family.” ~ From the Introduction of The Sacraments, A Continuing Encounter with Christ

  • English: The Sacraments, A Continuing Encounter with Christ (order from publisher)
  • Spanish: Los Sacramentos: Un encuentro continuo con Cristo (order from publisher)
  • French: Les Sacrements: Une rencontre continuelle avec le Christ (download PDF)
  • Korean: 성사: 그리스도와의 지속적인 만남 (download PDF)
  • Vietnamese: Các Bí Tích Gặp Gỡ Liên Tục với Đức Kitô (download PDF)
  • Chinese: translation is being developed