Prayer Intentions

“Prayer is not asking. Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God, at His disposition, and listening to His voice in the depth of our hearts.” ― Mother Teresa

Prayer is a necessary and important part of our relationship with God. It is our communication, our conversation with God.  When we connect to Jesus through prayer, our hearts can be transformed, and the light of faith can shine in our daily lives.

Please take a moment to pray for the intentions listed below. Or submit your prayer request and allow our community to increase the voices in petition with you.

The Order of Discalced Carmelites have committed to praying for the intentions listed below.  To learn more about the Order of Discalced Carmelites at Port Tobacco , please visit their website.


Please pray that Lin’s huge bed sore will heal soon, that we get a suitable & good maid, that Lin’s impending respiratory infection will be cured without any complications.  (KKLim, May)

First let us give the Lord thanks for the abundance of all things.Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; That the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. Pray against the spirit of anti Christ,false witness,terrorism hatred and violence. Please pray and intercede without ceasing that God’s will be done in the lives of the world’s leaders and for President Trump and our leaders to seek God and listen to Him. Pray that they would be surrounded by godly counsel and, that our leadership would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone. That we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. God can turn the hearts of kings. Earnestly pray that the people of America and its leaders will humble themselves and seek the Lords face and turn from their wicked ways. Pray that the Lord would hear from heaven and forgive our countries sins and heal our land. God Bless America Pray that the Lord would grant peace in America, that we may lie down and no one will make us afraid. That the Lord would remove wild beasts from the land, and that the sword will not pass through our country Please pray for revival and that the Lord would pour out his spirit on his servants, throughout the world both men and women. Pray for the peace of Israel. Gods will be done on earth as it is in heaven.In Jesus Name, Amen. (Angela, May)

That Fr. Jose S. will pass his Citizenship Test! IN name of God Almighty and Son Jesus Christ! (P, May)

Please pray that Christina will recover quickly and completely from her illness, healing of the bed sore, that we find a suitable maid soon, please pray for all our intentions. 
(Anonymous, May)

Please intercede for the physical and spiritual healing of Dr. Alexander Karczmar , a noted neuroscientist and long-time friend of mine who has suffered a sudden reversal in health. He has already been blessed by remarkable stamina and longevity (born 9 May 1917), but he describes himself as an atheist of Jewish background unconvinced from the standpoint of medicine that the soul exists. If he should die now without more opportunities for conversion, he will be at risk of losing eternal life. He is also still at work on a final neuroscience book on the nature of the self. I had been planning to visit with him in Chicago at the end of May to discuss creation of a long-planned Website devoted to his late brother-in-law, a famous concert pianist, and if Dr. Karczmar does not recover sufficiently to offer guidance in this matter, many years of my own work will have been for naught. His wife Marion, who was once a Christian, is now in her nineties and has unfortunately converted to Hinduism. She also is in need of prayer for conversion. May the Lord bless you! (John, May)


I ask that Marek and Ela have their father, which is an example to them, not a hurt. Let him receive the body of Christ with his son on the day of his first reception.
(Eva, April)

Please pray for my friend Jerry D. May he be enlightened by the Holy Spirit. May the Lord touch his mind, his heart so he can see His infinite love. I pray that our Heavenly Mother and her son Jesus Christ break every chain and/ or any evil spirit in his body. May the Lord cleanse him from any evil lust thoughts and lead him not into temptations. I pray to Lord that He may guide him to the right path and always protect him from evil spirits. May through His divine Mercy may my friend cleanse and washed from all evil and see the goodness of life and those who truly love him. Thank you, my brothers and sisters. May God bless you all always.
(Anonymous, April)

This is a very serious prayer request for someone very dear to me. His name is Justin. He has something evil attached inside of him, and has had for a while now. I’ve seen it in form of a skull laughing at me and it’s very strong. It’s been destroying a good man and turning him into a mean, selfish hostile person. He wasn’t always that way. 2 times I have prayed (without his prior knowledge) very hard for the Lord to remove the evil from me, from our home and from him. Both times with a day or two something horrible would happen and he would pack up and leave. The 2nd time being Easter weekend. I prayed hard and in honor of Jesus’s sacrifice, ask him to rid him and our home from the Evil that was causing the hostility. The next day, Easter, I was sitting on the couch with him and he started blaring heavy metal music on his phone that I can only equate to a demon possessed person roaring and screaming. I was kinda taken aback as this was out of the normal. I find later he had been watching and downloading music on my computer full of evil mess just like that. I went to return his Easter gift he was ungrateful for and came back to find him packing and moving out again. 2 times I’ve tried to cast it out this year, 2 times he has up and left. The evil is taking the weak vessel with it. If anyone, even strangers in passing speaks or talks about Christians or God, he gets irate. This isn’t normal because for 5 years he has known my views and I don’t push them on him. He wasn’t raised to believe and so part of it isn’t his fault. What is in him is destroying him. He said a couple weeks ago he doesn’t believe in the devil. He has no one else but me and my folks to pray for him. Please pray that the Lord come to him and show him he exists, show him real good and evil and make him believe. But most importantly, pray that Jesus removes the demons from within him. He has no one else to help him if we don’t and he is too weak to do this on his own. Please help save him. In Jesus precious name I pray, under Father God’s authority. Amen. Amen.
(Kristy, April)

Heavenly father, help me, You knows my pain, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner though God knows, I come with a broken heart, Father, You knows how long I have waited a reconciliation and restore relations for me and him. God if you deign, please God soften and touch D.A.C. heart for me. I can’t touch his heart but Lord you can. Please bless those who hate me, don’t let their hatred of me make them proud. I always try to be strong, but to be honest I was deeply hurt. I surrender my life to you. I’m putting the disappointments, pain and my whole hope in Your hands, please make this miracle happen for me.
(NN, April)

Please pray for Malcolm Anthony Francis Ferrao, Jane Catherine Ferrao, Shawn Anthon Ferrao and Nicole Antonette Ferrao
(Jane, April)

Please pray for my Grandmother who is recovering from hip surgery. (Anonymous, April)


Please pray for me to conceive and deliver a happy, healthy baby. (Shevaun, March)

I know this May seem like an unusual prayer request, but I ask God that I May grow in physical height and strength. I know that through Him all things are possible and that He has a plan. Matt 21:22 says “Believe, and you shall receive anything you ask for in prayer.” Therefore, I ask God for this blessing so that I May pursue my dream of being tall and strong. I love playing basketball and height is a great trait to have. I am currently about 6’4/6’5 and have been growing at a decent pace lately. I largely credit this to my prayers because this is something I have prayed about for some time now. I believe that through the power and graciousness of God, I could continue to grow to 6’8 or 6’9. In this way, I hope to continue to grow as basketball is one of my favorite things to play and God gives us recreation as something for us to enjoy. I also ask God to keep me humble and May the glory go to Him. I know it is not the regular prayer intention, but your prayers are appreciated! God bless! (Brady, March)

Please pray for Thomas Reid, who is fighting stage 3 colon cancer that is advancing. He is currently in the hospital fighting his Cancer progression. ! (Marianne, March)

Please pray that my daughter May soon find a job. It’s been nearly a year and her spirits are low. She has so much promise and so many abilities. Pray that she will see her value and that others will too. ! (Diane, March)

Please pray for baby Jamie, who went home to God before his parents could hold him. Please pray for him to find comfort and peace in Heaven. May Mary our Mother hold him in her most gracious and blessed arms until his mother can join him again. Please also pray for his parents as they mourn him, and that they might find hope and comfort in knowing that he is at peace in the Kingdom. ! (Elizabeth, March)

For my marriage. I pray for my and my husband’s protection and deliverance from Satan. I summon the Holy Spirit to come to me and my husband and those concerned. I pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen. Mother Mary, pray for us. (Rina, March)

Peace among the K family as there is much discord as a result of mental and physical illness of one member for a long period of time and affects all with no end in sight. (Peg, March)


Kindly pray for the healing of my mom’s knee because she is the caregiver of my father. Thank you so much and I do not live close by to help (in another country). (A, February)

Me and my wife have been divorced after I got in the head with a hammer. I was diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury which has caused me to lose my job, my love, rendered me mostly impotent. My concentration is ruined, and I have optical migraines due to hearing issues that cause me to lose my balance and stumble along with Tinnitus that is nonexistent. I hope you can pray for the healing of my brain injury so I can return to life as a normal person. (Jay, February)

Our niece is in labor with her first baby right now! 2/22 (Jenkin Family, February)

Please pray for K.L. that her bed sore will heal quickly, that she will be rid of the chest infection and fever. Please let her be mobile and recover from present illnesses soon. (Anonymous, February)

Father, please help me, you know my pain, you always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner though God knows, I come with a broken heart, I need You. Please forgive me and D. A. too. Father, you know how long I have waited a reconciliation and restore relations for me and him. Please God soften and touch D.A. heart for me. I can’t touch his heart but Lord you can. I always try to be strong, but to be honest I was deeply hurt. May be that God is telling me to let him go. Please bless those who hate me, don’t let their hatred on I made them proud. Please touched me, treat wounds within me, help me to move as you wish, remove the burden, to delete all trauma, delete all memories of his promise and his parents promise. I’m putting the disappointments, pain and my whole hope in Your hands, please make this miracle happen for me. (Anonymous, February)

Please pray for the intercession of my husband Patrik, let him seek God, let him to be humble, let him to love his wife and children to restore our marriage and family. Please pray for a fence of thorns between him and the woman for whom he left us. (Eva, February)

Please pray for all my deceased relatives, that they May rest in peace! (Antonio, February)

Pray Jesus that if it is his Will, and if it is the Will of his Father, the Almighty God, the Job application that I submitted on February 10th 2017 for a position of Tuition Management Specialist with the Naval Medical Command is successful, and I am selected by the hiring manager and offered this job. (Guy, February)

Heavenly Father please forgive me, I have been lax in my prayers and bible studies as I have been watching current affairs both around the world and in my country.
Lord I beg you, to please put an end to this immigration ban. There are men and women, mothers and fathers, families that are and will be torn apart in the wake of this thing. Right now, there are countries that are capable of helping war torn regions that are flatout refusing. Men and women who claim to be Christian, political leaders who held up bibles loudly confessing to worship you Lord – I ask that You make good their confession. Turn their political rhetoric into the glory and the magnification of the Kingdom of Heaven. Have Mercy in their souls. I May not have much to give but I give you my prayers. My faith May be weak, I give you my faith. I add my tears with those who have cried. We seek You Lord. We need You Lord.
Please have mercy not for me Heavenly Father, for them. I ask this blessing in Jesus’ name. Amen. (Anonymous, February)

My 5th court hearing date for unjust termination is on Feb 15, 2017 please pray for guidance and consul also please pray for my 4 children as the first child is back home after he left home but he is listening too much to positive talks and get rich talks to extent he did not even graduate also the younger boy is gaming online a lot and not studying the 2 girls are doing better and praying more please pray for my wife too as she feels tired a lot. For the grace of healing and reconciliation in my marriage. (Robert, February)

I have some requests.
1. As I prepare for total consecration to Mary, the ‘enemy’ is really doing a number on me.
Please pray for healing and deliverance and protection, and love and encouragement, (and any other needs.)
2. I know a child who was raised to be mean, and he needs a lot of help.
3. Also, I pray for John Wathen, his kids, and the kids who are having trouble learning to read. (James, February)

Please pray that Christina will not be depressed, will not do anything to harm herself, will recover soon. That we will be prepared and be able to care for her on her return home. (Anonymous, February)

For liberation from the persecution that I am suffering. That R. and all those who are persecuting me are scattered along with evil that feeds the hatred that moves them. (Eliane, February)


Please pray for Theodore Gustave Pearson to be healed of pneumonia, heart disease and all disease. Pray that he gets good news from his blood test, heart monitor and good news from all doctor’s exams and tests. Pray he get good news from both his cardiologist and his infectious disease doctor. Pray that he be protected from complications or infections. (Bp, January)

Please pray for Emma that she will be restored to good health after a diagnosis of thyroid cancer. And that all surgeries and treatments go well. And that her and her new husband Trevor are comforted. (Beth, January)

For the grace of healing and reconciliation in my marriage. (Robert, January)

In thanksgiving for my father Paul B’s surgery to remove a malignant polyp yesterday evening. Please continue to pray for his healing and recovery. Thank you and God bless you. (Anthony, January)

Please prayed for my husband Bladimir Maltez that he can turned his heart to God and he can be a good leader for his family and our community. For, Brian Garcia my son so he can heal the wombs of his heart and he can find peace in GOD. for Melody Garcia that she can heal the wombs of her heart and she can see that been a woman is wonderful and that she is not afraid to be married. For myself that God can heal the wombs on my heart and I can continued be listed to God’s words, so I can be a good leader for my family and my community and for my health that my finger heals wells and that vertigo does not come back. for St. Mary’s Prayer group that everyone that comes to the prayer group will have an encountered with Jesus. (Alma, January)

Than You Heavenly Father for interceding on my parents’ behalf. They May not have the healthcare they wanted but they have the healthcare they need which is awesome. Thank you to all who added your prayers to ours, we greatly appreciate them.
Additionally, I ask Heavenly Father, Lord – that you bless the those who have included their intentions and requests herein. As I skimmed through the list, I see so many people in need of your favor, coming to You Lord for assistance, guidance, hope. We need you. We love you. There are times when we are not always on our best behavior, times when our attention is firmly placed elsewhere and times when, yes, our faith falters but we know we are yours dear Lord. We all know we belong to you and without you and your sacrifice we are truly lost.
I thank you Heavenly Father for all the things you have done, for everything you have given me. And I thank you Lord for everything you are going to do. Please find it in your heart to be merciful with us and grant us favor.
Jesus, thank you for your sacrifice of the cross. I know I get caught up on the affairs of this world, the goings on of our leaders – the set of their jaw, the cut of their brow. But I know that you, Christ, are the sword of life capable of cutting a swath through my concerns showing them for the petty little things they are. I apologize for letting these little things turn my head and get me off the goal of you and the Kingdom of Heaven. Please forgive me and accept this small confession.
Holy mother, what more can I say except I have not been an ideal daughter. I voice my concerns, my needs, even my bitter anger and sorrow. I allow my illnesses to get the better of me. But worse I am bound by the pains of the past unable to let go of past hurts and wrongdoings. Pray for me, I want so much to not be this broken, shattered being bound by past hurts. Help me to heal and open the hearts and minds of my family to my healing so that I can be whole both as a representation of God’s goodness, blessings and peace on this Earth. And not only for me, but for those whose intentions and requests are written herein. We ask seek the Lord’s Favor. We seek God’s mercy. We are all looking for a miracle in our personal lives and thank you for your loving kindness and tender mercies. Love always. (M, January)

For Brent, please pray for healing of throat pain, issues, and bleeding. Please pray for healing of an enlarged prostate, night sweats, eye floaters, and any fungal infection. Please pray for good and favorable results regarding medical tests. For Stacey, please pray for healing of all health issues. Thank you and God Bless. (Brent, January)


Please pray for my mother who has until 6pm tonight December9, 2016 to prove she has health insurance. She remains without her medicine. (M, December)

I thank God for everyone who added their prayers with ours regarding the accident my parents were involved in in September. As I stated a woman hit my parents struck my parents car, fled the scene and later claimed she was injured in the accident she caused; my parents were devastated. Thankfully, God was merciful. I would like to further embellish my words of gratitude far beyond my heartfelt thanks but feel I will fall woefully short. I am nevertheless grateful, we cannot spare the loss of another penny to a dime to a dollar let alone the financial loss we would have suffered from the raced insurance premiums. I really and truly am grateful as is my family. Thank you, God, the Heavenly Host, Christ my Lord and Savior, and thank you emissaries of the Church.  (Anonymous, December)

I’m praying for intercession on behalf of my parents. After speaking with my mother, I now understand that if they are not approved for Medicare today they will lose their prescription plan as well as health insurance. God, this is one of those big ticket items and I am requesting your assistance on my parent’s behalf. My stepdad is diabetic and without his medication he can die. My mother has congenital heart condition as well as a vascular disease without her medications she could die. I have no family willing or capable of taking care of me due to my illnesses, without my parents I will be destitute which will lead to my death. I beg you Lord to intercede on the behalf of my parents, they are going to Social Security today to apply for Medicare and other subsidies that as of now they have a right to, please pardon them of any sins and grant them the favor we seek. I need my parents. They’re all I have. (Anonymous, December)

First and foremost, I want to thank God, Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven who interceded on the behalf of my parents and their healthcare. Without their help, I’m certain I’d be watching my mother suffer a very slow, painful death in the upcoming month. I pray that with continued mercy the transition from privatized to federal healthcare is smooth and my mother’s health continues to improve until we can get her to the doctor. Secondly, I want to thank everyone who prayed for intercession on behalf of my parents, so far so good. As of the time of my petition, my mother is without her medication and we cannot afford to take her to the doctor. We thank you for your continued prayers. We thank God for His lovingkindness and his tender mercy. Amen (Anonymous, December)

Thank You Heavenly Father for stopping DAPL. I like others am well aware that this fight is far from over and while I couldn’t be there in person, I was indeed there in mind and spirit and my prayers where with everyone protesting the pipeline. Lord, I am at a loss as to why our leaders have not made greater strides towards clean, renewable energy – wind power, solar power, etc. Coal and oil are bastions of the past, commodities best left forgotten. Please help our leaders change their position to one that will undoubtedly be beneficial to our quality of life and not their individual wallets and/or financial legacies. And as if that isn’t enough, the pending administration is looking to absolutely cripple senior citizens, the indigent, the poor (who in the very least have healthcare now), the working homeless (I only recently learned of such a thing – I apologize for my ignorance); the struggling lower middle and middle class, etc. They are proposing pending tax cuts to corporations while increasing taxes for the working class. President elect Trump and the republican party has vowed to eliminate tax exemptions for the working class as well as eliminate the unions, mandatory wage increases, etc. for federal employees. Somehow our leaders have to know the issue is about the quality of life for each and every one of us whether or not we are young or old, man or woman, American, Indigenous, or Naturalized. regardless of race or religion – there is a basic human need. And lastly, Heavenly Father I ask you to forgive me my transgression as I forgive our leaders for discriminating against black voters with the Voter ID Laws as well as those States/Districts that ultimately decided to redistrict neighborhoods and redirect public funds so they could successfully shut down schools in black neighborhoods only after ensuring the schools were performing poorly. (Anonymous, December)

Please pray that my sister Christina L. will recover from her present health problems soon, that she will respond to treatment, be able to breathe on her own without oxygen & ventilators, that the bed sore will heal, that there will not be any more setbacks & that her lost jacket will be recovered. (Anonymous, December)

Please pray for a friend who is going through a very rough financial situation. She is trying to get things right but has a huge obstacle in her way. The obstacle needs to be taken care of but she does not know how to proceed. (Anonymous, December)


For blessings in my school work! (Shirley, November)

That I May get accepted into Schulich and Glendon and that I May be able to attend both Glendon and Shulich for university! Thank you for your prayers! (Anonymous, November)

Please pray for Clive to be set free from all satanic attachments. His brother, 1 yr younger than him, has stopped going to Church for the past few years. God bless all of you. Thank you. (Michelle, November)

Please pray for my friend Madeline, to experience Jesus’ true presence and that she May fall in love with Christ and have faith! And that she May become a Catholic! Thank you for your prayers and God Bless! (Shirley, November)

My job termination 2nd court date is Nov 3rd which my employer lawyer is requesting to cancel and re schedule in Dec. or Jan. 2107 l and my 3rd court date is Nov 29th – pls pray for guidance and also my oldest son who ran away from home is not responding about coming back or where he is staying his credit card bill is past due and student loan too now is past due. (Jude, November)


Please pray for what is in my heart. (Sandra, October)

Please pray for me and my loved ones, that we May all receive the blessed sacrament, and most precious blood of Jesus. Please also pray, that I get the answers to my questions, and that everything will be alright for everyone. (Sandra, October)

I’m contacting the church because I really need to help my mom, she’s in the process of getting her status as a resident. she has been waiting for this for a long time and she has been stressed too because of the time the process has been taking; and that’s not good for her since she has high blood pressure issues, but God and I know she’s a generous person and she really deserves to have the opportunities the U.S offers. She has gone through a lot of things and I’m sure all that suffering is going to disappear when she finally gets her residence, please ask God to put his hand in that process so she gets her residence as soon as possible, and that everything goes well until the end. I really beg you with all my heart to pray for my mom, so our dream as a family comes true. I would really appreciate your help.
thank you so much. (Karin, October)

My first court date is Oct 20th as I filed a complaint for unjust termination please pray as I was terminated unjustly by my employer on May 5, 2016 based on performance. Also my son who is 22 years old ran away from home does not call or answer his cell phone does not want us to phone him or meet him did not provide his address or any information he sent few emails to us only–please pray for his safety. (Jude, October)

Please pray for us, especially my parents. On September 30th @ approximately 8:00am a woman sideswiped my parent’s car. We are asking that God be merciful. (Anonymous, October)


Please pray for the Holy Spirit to guide me and open my eyes to see opportunities to generate income. I pray that I do everything efficiently and effectively for His glory. (Moulin, September)

Pray for complete healing for my young daughter, good memory. To grow well in terms of weight and height. Pray for my first daughter who is supposed to do her exams next week.
I thank God for protecting my marriage. (Moulin, September)

For financial help, for my husband to find a good full time job, for our priests and conversion of sinners, for St. Anthony Church to stay open, for peace in the world. And God bless all of you! (Donna, September)

For the soul of Sam, May God bring him to His throne. (Lisa, September)

I was terminated from job I filed a claim for unjust termination now my court dates are Oct 20, Nov 3 and Nov 29, 2016 – please pray for guidance and help for positive outcome.
New prayer request just on Sept 6th my oldest son ran away from our house he left a note which my wife read to me saying he does not want us to contact him and he took his belongings while we were sleeping in the night and gone we don’t know where he is living and if we call his cell phone he won’t call back or reply to emails my wife is crying all the time I have 3 more younger children who are also emotional – please pray that he May come back home safely or at least keep in touch or visit on weekends. (Jude, September)

Eternal rest grant unto my father and all my deceased relatives, O Lord. And let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen. (Antonio, September)

Please pray for protection and good health for Stacey, Brent, Mary Hope, Whitten, Asher, Steven, Nancy, and Michael. Thank you and God Bless. (Brent, September)

I pray for a miraculous physical healing for my digestive system, teeth, severe allergies, weight gain, strength, depression, anxieties, good health for me, my children/grandchildren/family, good grades/ conversion back to church of my children/family. A miracle for my financial difficulties, for a miracle to get out of bed and attend all my son’s Senior events (single mom). Weight loss of J,A,G,M Thank you Lord for every step to healing. (Eloisa, September)


Prayers that my wife’s test will be without anything serious and heal her infirmity soon. (PJ, August)

Please pray so Father in Heaven has mercy on me, my family, my children’s and descendants. Has mercy and forgive my ancestors deceased, my families and relatives deceased, and the soul of my mother. Has mercy also for the soul of my father. I am very poor. My father passed away last week. I need a lot of miracles and expenses for have a debt to take care of father’s passing. (Ignatius, August)


That God will help me stop committing two sins I’ve struggled to stop committing and for peace and nonviolence in Chicago and Washington, DC. (Hayden, July)

For Holy Martyr Father Jacques Havel and those who face death and persecution for their love of the Incarnate God, Jesus. (Ben, July)

For all pilgrims preparing for World Youth Day. (Anonymous, July)

Please pray for healing for A, who is very, very sick. (Anonymous, July)

Hear my prayer. Bring Katie and myself to be of one heart and mind with each other and rebuild the bond of love between us. Amen! (Arpan, July)

Please pray for healing of eye floaters. Pray for financial blessings to pay off all debts and to purchase a house for our family. Pray for blessings over work. (Brent, July)

Please Pray for Bobby, who’s stage 4 throat cancer, with Gods miracles and blessings that our Lord hears our prayers and heals Bobby. Amen. (Doris, July)

Please Lord heal my body, and give me the strength and faith to accept Your Will. Protect me from evil. In your hands, I put the needs of all the sick and lonely. Lord please come, clean this world from sin. I love you, please be with me always. Amen. (Vicky, July)

My prayer is that God will help my family and I. Please father help us with a home of our own finally. My family and I will soon be homeless. Please help us obtain a home for our children and help us with our financial needs. We need your guidance and your strength. I ask that you please keep Lillian, Steve, And Pat away from our family. They have Bad Intentions for our family and do the Devils work. My hope and prayer is that you will protect us from those Evil Doers and that you will allow your Angels to protect us and help us on the right path. Please Father help us to manage paying all our bills and continue to provide food, clothing and shelter for our family. Father I am lost and have nowhere to turn for help. Please grant us Mercy. Allow us to feel your presence and your love so that we know we don’t walk this journey alone. I pray father that you will keep us from danger and protect us from Evil. In Jesus name I pray, Amen (Deserie, July)

Please Pray for Bobby, who’s stage 4 throat cancer, with Gods miracles and blessings that our Lord hears our prayers and heals Bobby. Amen. (Doris, July)

Hear my prayer. Bring Katie and myself to be of one heart and mind with each other and rebuild the bond of love between us. Amen! (Arpan, July)

Please pray for healing of eye floaters. Pray for financial blessings to pay off all debts and to purchase a house for our family. Pray for blessings over work. (Brent, July)


That me and my boyfriend get back together and that he finds it in his heart to forgive me and that I learn to correct my faults. (Sarah, June)

Hear my prayer. Bring Katie and myself to be of one heart and mind with each other and rebuild the bond of love between us. Amen! (Arpan, June)

Please pray for all the poor people that suffering in Myanmar and did not have assistance from head management concern. Also for the holy souls in Purgatory. (Monica, June)

Please pray for me that I May pass my auditions with flying colors, since it is my passion to dance, and I wish to be able to fulfill it as much as I can. (Kathleen, June)

I kindly ask that you pray with me for light in determining the direction of my life; and divine assistance in providing the temporal means and opportunities to fulfill the vocation or purpose that God has for me. I feel a nudging toward marriage and family life, but have never been able to form a relationship with anyone. I am also well educated, but continue to struggle to find suitable employment and do not understand why this is happening to me. I am also requesting prayers for an increase in physical health, overcoming spiritual struggles, and for a greater hope and trust in God. (Bob, June)

Please pray for me that I May pass my auditions with flying colors, since it is my passion to dance, and I wish to be able to fulfill it as much as I can. (Anonymous, June)

That the Church May embody love and mercy as it responds to the attack on the LGBT community in Orlando. (Arlene, June)

Please pray for wisdom, favor, blessings, protection, and good health for Stacey, Brent, Mary Hope, Whitten, Asher, Margaret, Ann Elizabeth, Steven, Nancy, and Michael. For Brent, pray for healing of eyes and dizziness. Pray for financial blessings to pay off debts and to purchase a house for our family. Thank you and God Bless. (Brent, June)

For reconciliation and forgiveness with my husband. (Rosario, June)

I kindly ask that you pray with me for light in determining the direction of my life; and divine assistance in providing the temporal means and opportunities to fulfill the vocation or purpose that God has for me. I feel a nudging toward marriage and family life, but have never been able to form a relationship with anyone. I am also well educated, but continue to struggle to find suitable employment and do not understand why this is happening to me. I am also requesting prayers for an increase in physical health, overcoming spiritual struggles, and for a greater hope and trust in God. (Bob, June)


Please pray for the repose of Colby’s soul, and for peace and comfort for Keri and Zach, his parents, and all those who loved him, as we celebrate what would have been his 12th birthday tomorrow. Please pray that Keri will find joy in life again. (Kelley, May)

Hi, I’ve been struggling with mental illness for some time now, and no matter what I do to try and overcome the anxiety and extreme mood swings I don’t seem to get any better. I feel like I’ve been cursed. I hurt, I’m angry, and I don’t feel worthy. I know things could be worse and I should be thankful for the blessings that God has given me, but I hate this feeling. I am asking for much needed prayer and help with bringing me back and even closer to God. Thank you for your prayers. (Danielle, May)

Please let nanny have a wonderful 80th birthday. please keep her and grandad’s health well. amen. (Margaret, May)

Pray for our brothers and sister in prisons for their faith in Christ, special prayer for Asia Bibi in Pakistan and her family. (Mariam, May)

Please pray for my daughter Ashley. Dear God, please heal my daughter of any pain and discomfort her little body is experiencing. I ask that you please heal her and that all awaiting test results come back with positive news. I trust in you and put all my faith in you. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen (Vanessa, May)

For my parents. My mother Linda, who has been diagnosed with, and suffering with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She’s in a constant state of physical and emotional anguish. Both my mother and My father, Paul, who are beginning to lose hope and question their faith. They are being tested. They are becoming very depressed and disheartened and I fear that one or both of then, May give up completely. I pray that these 2 loving generous thoughtful caring selfless people can find peace and a way to reconcile with their situation so that they May know happiness once again. I pray that the word of the Lord Comforts them and that their relationship with God is renewed. May God bless my family. (Tracey, May)


Please pray for my brother Mike. May God send a Saint to heal his cancer. All glory to God. Thank you and I join my spirit also in praying for everyone else’s prayers. Thanks, be to God. Amen. (Ken, April)

It is well discussed that the devil, non

Christians, and even other Catholics attack and celebrate hurt besetting those who are wrongly portrayed, even ridiculed for asserting too much religious posturing, putting up a front, being religious fanatics, etc. I have encountered these assertions and labels personally, even by Catholic priests, nuns, and parishioners. They have done and do painful damage and cause unbearable division. Pray insistently for Catholic families. Please. Come Holy Spirit, come with Your Wisdom, Fire, Angels, and Saints, as Promised by the Son, and in His name, Jesus. Amen.” (Michael, April)

Please pray for me to return to my family, Ana, to Christian and Helena in our common home. I want to go back to my wife Anne in a hug and I want to get back together, that love between us again return to our hearts, to continue living together in marriage, peace and love more than before. We lived in married 23 years, Anna filed for divorce. We have two children. I would love to go back to each other and to continue to live together in peace and love. I am very hard in the heart, there is this suffering and pain.
Please pray for us. Thanks (Igor, April)

Praying for my mother Shirley H. Williams for recovery from her ailments and strength and comfort while she is hospitalized. (Aurelia, April)

Please pray that God will soften my husband’s heart and help me to find favor in his eyes and love in his heart for me again. Please pray that God will instill the desire in my husband to keep his family together and honor his marriage vows and commitment as a father to our daughter. Please block pending divorce and all thoughts of divorce. Please don’t allow the devil to tear our family unit apart. Please keep us married and as a family unit until death do us part. Please remove all selfishness and help us all to focus on our family and child and do what is best for the children and love each other as we ought. (J, April)

IHS Holy Saint Jude Thaddeus pray for us. Amen. please pray for Derek+ for 90 days. Please (Derek, April)

Please pray for my daughter who has depression, anxiety, anger, and is dealing with stress in her job. She is trying to find another job. Please pray for her to find and be hired for a better job. She has been hospitalized in the past for mental breakdowns. I fear that this will happen again if she cannot get out of this stressful situation. Thank you for your prayers. May God, Bless You. (Anonymous, April)

Lord kindly come to my aid. It is over 5 years since I lost my job. I have accumulated so many debts, whatever I have tried to do, does not come to fruition, I have problems paying school, food for my children, thus I have not peace of mind and I’m constantly worrying and worried. Lord just come to my aid. (Paul, April)


Please pray that it be God’s will that my daughter will have a loving, chaste, respectful relationship with EK, a decent Catholic boy. She has had so much misfortune recently…bullying, a car accident which totaled her car and a lot of heart break.  Thank you for lifting her up in prayer. (Anonymous, March)

Please pray for Malcolm Anthony Francis Ferrao, Jane Catherine Ferrao, Shawn Anthony Ferrao and Nicole Antonette Ferrao. (Jane, March)

Please pray for my very important intention. God, bless you and thanks. (Kristijan, March)

Eternal rest grant unto my father and all my deceased relatives, O Lord. And let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen. (Antonio, March)

For change of immigration status, for financial blessings, For a good home, For a good family, For wisdom and Knowledge regarding my business, For my family and friends, Healing for my colleague with bone marrow cancer. Financial breakthrough for my Brother Adebiyi. For God’s will to be done in my life. For Guidance regarding marriage, wife and children. (Oriola, March)

I need prayers dealing with depression and heart problems. (Jeremy, March)

Please pray for my son Zacharias’ deliverance and healing from spiritual and mental illness. Please Lord, please make him come to realize that he is being tricked by the evil one and give him the chance he needs to repent and return to you in the Sacraments and return home to us that love him. I pray for his protection, healing, and deliverance from evil. Amen (Anonymous, March)

Please pray for Malcolm Anthony, Francis Ferrao, Jane Catherine Ferrao, Shawn Anthony Ferrao, Nicole Antonette Ferrao. (Jane, March)

Ask prayer for my son Jasper Lemar Smith, please pray for him to stop drinking in Jesus name amen. (Amanda, March)


For temporal and spiritual blessings for Murphy family. (Pat, February)

Need a Miracle. Chris Olsen, 28, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colin/Rectal cancer that spread to other tissues. Please pray for Chris and ask for prayer in as many Charismatic prayer groups as possible. Thank you so much. (Kaiden, February)

’m requesting prayers for our teenager. Please pray especially for him to make the right decisions during this very vulnerable time in his life. (Sergio, February)

Holy St. Jude pray for us. Amen. please pray for Derek, for 90 days. (Derek, February)

Please pray that nothing bad is found wrong with my Mom at her doctor’s appointment this Tuesday. Please pray that it’s something that can be taken care of easily. (Jenny, February)

God, you knows my pain, You see everything, I came with a broken heart. he continued to hurt me, Please Father, I couldn’t touch his heart, please help Father touched Damianus Aditya Christie heart for me. I was desperate, He still doesn’t care about me. Father, give me patience and strength, even if it really hurts for me, please continue beside me, hold my hand and never left me whatever happens, I put the disappointments, pain and my whole hope in Your hands, please giving miracles for me. (Anonymous, February)

For healing of vision problems and for financial need. (George, February)


For the soul of Raleigh Crowell. (Lisa, January)

Please pray for my father, Lang Huy Ngo who passed away on January 8, 2015. May he rest in peace and be with the Lord. (Ngoc, January)

Holy Saint Jude Thaddeus Pray for us. Amen. Say for 9 Days (Derek, January)

Please pray Robert will return to the children and Tracy urgently. Please pray God will counsel guide and encourage Robert just as He encouraged St. Joseph to return to our Lady. Holy family please intercede for us urgently. (Anonymous, January)

Prayer for our family finances in 2016. The past 3 years have been exceptionally hard, even though we are employed. I fear that due to the number of delinquent bills we have that we May lose our home and my husband May leave me. We have had so many expenses going out without any additional resources coming in to offset the burdens. It is to the point that I fear our bank May have closed our account in which we will not have a means to pay our debts. I haven’t been able to grocery shop in over a month and I haven’t been able to pay for our electric and gas for 2 months. (Rose, January)


Pray for John Brastow. That he recovers from all sickness and is renewed in the spirit by Jesus Christ. (Jason, December)

I don’t really know what I should pray for. It feels like an awful lot, causing the world, my family and friends, and me pain. But I May be a poor judge. But May I not despair, May we all find some kind of comfort, and May we pray for whatever we should be praying for. May we all belong somewhere. Merry Christmas, everyone. (AHW, December)

I pray that God May grant that the breast biopsy results I am awaiting will be good ones and not cancer. I pray that I find peace and an end to my other longterm illnesses and depression. Thank you Amen (Jacqueline, December)

Please I am not able to live without my brother Lalu. He refuses to forgive and has not spoken for months. I have hurt him the most and seek pardon. Jesus my Lord ruler of all hearts. Please touch our hearts and bless us and unite us in true love. Please refuse not my poor prayers. (lmb, December)

Please pray for my Grandma Margaret Herrmann. She is not doing so well. She is losing her memory and she is weak and frail. I ask, I beg, I plead, that many would pray for her. All her life, she has been there for others including me. It’s now my time to be there for her. I thank you for any prayers for my sweet special Grandma at this time+++++ Very grateful (Mitchi, December)

For peace of mind, in the home and work and for the holiday season, Lord, in Jesus name amen. (Michele, December)


Dear God, I just found out, my cousin in PR, Lourdes Medina Chico is in late stages of breast cancer. Her mother, Ana Chico Medina has been bed reddened and thinks that her daughter fell and hurt her back. Lourdes has always taken care of her mother and she prayed that the Lord will help her. please, I pray to the Father, Son & the Holy Spirit to please help my cousin who never married and always helped her parents & sisters. (Nancy, November)

Pray for s. Laura Kopestyrenska. True Friend. One who is called to live consecrated virginity does not leave behind a vocation of motherhood, but rather lives it on a supernatural level. If a religious does not view her life through the lens of wife and mother she will not be happy and will not bear fruit that will last. One who departs from the world to live a poor, chaste and obedient life does not do so to remove herself from human relationships but rather to perfect her communion with souls. She is called to pour herself out for the Divine Spouse. She is called to receive and be vulnerable to Him. Her “sincere gift of self” takes on a universal scope. Because she is the bride of the Savior of the world, she must be a mother to all those He came to save. She must seek for her Spouse in every person and empty herself for Him. AMEN (John, November)

God, please would You come to save us? (Daniel, November)

Rita Nave health, Lawrence Nave soul (John, November)

Please pray that God heals my elderly mother’s high blood pressure and severe back pain. She had a stroke and very ill now. Thank you (Tim, November)

Navy chaplains and Religious Program Specialists operate across a broad spectrum of environments within the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard to fulfill the mission of the Chaplain Corps: To inspire hope and strengthen spiritual well being through the delivery and coordination of effective religious ministry at sea and ashore. (John, November)

I ask you to pray for me and my beloved Rita. We are living a terrible period of disagreement risking to remain separated for the rest of our live. Please pray so that as soon as we can be married in a happy Christian family. From the deepest of my heart, thank you. (David, November)

Bless the Jews. (Juliette, November)

Please, Lord help me to avoid our fault in Jesus name. Amen. (Daniel, November)


Please God to avoid our fault in the Jesus name. (Pearl, October)

We pray for those who find life meaningless and are contemplating suicide.  May they come to know God’s love and find hope in the midst of despair. (Anonymous, October)

Please pray with me that God will lead me to a vocation and give me the grace and opportunities to live this out. (Robert, October)

I pray that The Lord May bless America too. (Julie, October)


I am afflicted with the illness of Depression. Please pray for my recovery, so that I May leave this preoccupation with myself and open my heart to the world and the spirit. (Patrice, September)

That I May be true to my commitment from this day and all the days of my life: “From this day forward, I promise to seek God’s help to grow in purity of heart, mind, and body, so that I can be free to love. Regardless of the past, I now choose to save the gift of my sexuality for my future spouse regardless of any past mistakes to respect myself and others, pursue a life of purity, and save the gift of my sexuality for marriage” (Pericles, September)

Prayer request for the safety of all the world’s migrant and refugee children and families. Protect them during their tough journeys ahead, help them find peace and happiness. Amen. (Fabio, September)

Please pray for William who is recovering from back surgery and was diagnosed on yesterday with Multiple Myeloma. We pray for a speedy recovery and also for his strength in dealing with the Multiple Myeloma. (Carlton, September)

Prayer for employment for my son and myself. (Cinndy, September)

Señor te pido paz, salud y amor para mi familia. Pido fortaleza y sabiduría para enfrentar las adversidades de la vida y entender e plan que Tu tienes para cada uno con amor y encontremos una solución a nuestro problema. Te pido por la pronta solución al problema que tanto he pedido. Gracias por todo mi Señor Dios. (Mara, September)

Bless Benoit Poelvoorde for him to become Christian. Amen. (Anne, September)

Prayer for my nephew that has brain cancer. I pray that they can find a cure to help him beat this horrible illness. He has had a hard live at only 23 years old. Open heart surgery at age four, learning disabled. We love him with all heart and pray the the Lord helps to heal him. Amen (Karen, September)

For all vocations, especially marriage and for the Pope’s visit. (Naulty, September)

I would like to pray for my Family to have health and prosperity. For my life to be felled with honesty. For God to give me patience’s and strength to face what the future has for me. (Carolina, September)

intenciones del papa francisco (Veronica, September)

For journalists in the world, specifically for Carmen Aristegui whose program and team have been canceled by government. A committed woman with a the mission of questioning power and informing mexicans daily through the radio broadcast. Their families need them to keep their jobs.Holy Spirit we beg of YOU! (Rocío, September)

Full time employment worthy of my dedication and years of education whereby I can truly serve God and fulfill my lifelong vocation! (Angele, September)

For my daughter that she find a job commensurate with her talents and with full health benefits. (Anonymous, September)


For the increase in vocation to the priesthood and religious life that God May raise holy men and women to serve him. (John, August)

Please pray for the people that suffer for mental disorders and for peace and forgiveness. (Leslie, August)

God bless America. (Molly, August)

Please pray for my wife n son, to have relation as mother n son,cos v have given him only things that will make him happy. We did not give him our real love, time, hope he takes us as his parent, and change and be a good his studies. And takes life seriously. Hope we have peace of mind in the house. THANKS FOR PRAYING. (Eddie, August)

Please help me find a job where I can be of most help to others and will please you my God. (Cindy, August)

Pray pray to Jesus and Mary to grant the grace of final perseverance for Emedia, Agnelo, Victoria, Philomena and Odilha and to deliver us from the pains of purgatory after our death. (Agnelo, August)


My name Antonietta, pray that God makes me feel good to walk I have pain in the feet also metatarsalgia diseased in his feet pray that God make me feel good at the feet want to feel good at the feet want to meet my love GABRIELE want to give him love I want to receive love I want to love I want to be loved I want you fall in love with me I want him to love me I wish it was the man in my life for me to pray for my life at God for my family for my grandchildren. (Antonietta, July)

Thank You Lord for all You do. (Nancy, July)

Dear God I pray to you for my daughter. her heart is broken. She needs peace in her soul. Help her go through her sadness with peace. Help her overcome from this moment that seems to be eternal. Thank you, God. (Gloria, July)

Dear God, I pray for my son who suffers from bi polar disorder. He left college his freshman year because he was struggling emotionally. It’s been almost 1 1/2 years since he came home and he continues to struggle. He has a part time job, but has no motivation to do anything else. He has violent outburst and my husband and I never know what to expect. He feels that God has abandoned him and does not go to Church anymore. He’s been in Catholic school since he was four years old and it hurts me to see him lose his faith. I pray that God will comfort, protect and heal him so he can lead a more fulfilling life. And I really pray that he doesn’t hurt himself or anyone else. (Michele, July)

 Your prayers for my father in law have made a positive difference in his cancer treatment and quality of life. I now ask that you prayer for my beloved Aunt Dorothy who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that she be healed with a miracle of God, man, or medicine and that His will be done. (Garry, July)

I really need support prayers, please. Every day i struggle through the pain. I’ve been waiting more than a year for the touch of who rejected and hurt me. I don’t know why he can be so hard hearts, even the tears and the pain I could not make his hearts become soft. God, giving a miracle for me, help me please. please open and touched Damianus Aditya heart. I just wanted them slightly opened his heart to not be selfish and uncaring with the pain that I feel, kept his promise and responsible on me, don’t rejoice over destruction me, acted as if nothing happened and throw me again. I don’t have the ability to change everything, but Lord can be. Please God help me. (Josephin, July)

Please help me find a good husband. I took care of my mother for 30 years& now I’m alone. My mother has been dead for 5 years & I am lonely, I have never been married & ask for a mate soon Thank you (Diane, July)

God bless Israël. Amen. (Roseline, July)

Please pray that I May be accepted to teach at Scrilli School. (Cindy, July)


I pray that God will heal me from my spinal cord injury, that I will recover fully, be able to drive and work as a nurse, bless my kids and their father with good health, my family back in Africa ,my marriage which is going down now that God will deliver me from all evil attacks. Grant my heart desires . So , that I will serve him faithfully in Jesus name Amen! (Ifeoma, June)

For Bishop Parks, May his heart and actions be open to the needs of the Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church in Niceville, Florida (Judith, June)

Please God to avoid our faults in The name of Jesus. Amen (Emmanuel, June)

Please pray for the healing of my peripheral neuropathy in my feet. It is often cumbersome and painful. I want to get back to experiencing all that I am grateful for that God, through Mother Nature, has provided. (Michelle, June)

Prayers for those in purgatory and prayer for Henry Seth Anderson(deceased) (Linda, June)


Please pray for my nephew Joey. He is experiencing developmental problems in his speech and sensory faculties. I ask that the lord helps him overcome his issues and that he will be able to talk and interact like other little children. I also pray for my sister and brother in law as they go through this tough time and that they stay strong for themselves and for Joey. (Syl, May)

I lost my job last month and I need to find one in short order. I know that God has a plan for me but its hard not to despair. Please pray for me that I find a new job soon and not fall into worry, anxiety and depression. (Syl, May)

Please pray that someone close to me does not have melanoma. We are awaiting biopsy results. (Anonymous, May)

Bless the Jews, oh Lord, please amen. (Emmanuel, May)

Jesus come into our heart and save us amen. (Josianne, May)


Pray for the City of Baltimore, its citizens, business owners, government officials, and all that are suffering as a result of the riot. (Norma, April)

Please pray for Darlene who is suffering from cancer and had to have emergency surgery. (Cathy, April)

I pray that God will:
– inspire my daughters to attend mass regularly
– help myself and my daughters get healthy
– bless my daughters marriage and their jobs
– help my son with his academics and relationships
– help my daughter get a job where she can use her education and talents for the common good and glory of God
– thank God for my husband
– thank God for my son’s faith
Thank you, bless you, and praise Jesus! (Anonymous, April)

Please pray for my father in-law Sam. He has just been diagnosed with lung cancer which has also cause a tumor at the base of his brain. Pray that he May be healed and that our entire family has the strength and grace to accept His will. Sam has loved me unconditionally as his own son for 38 years. God bless and heal him. (Gary, April)


Please pray for victory over all of my problems, especially school (Josh, March)

Please pray for my daughter Stephanie that she May find full time employment. Please pray for her husband, Laurence, and their marriage. (Anonymous, March)

Dear Lord please take care of my daughter and her son that they will have a happy, healthy and safe life. Please let my daughter recover from her illnesses so that she can be here to finish raising her son. Please, please help her to find a job. She tries so hard and really needs a break. She is doing everything alone. Blessed Mother ask your son to please help them. Please ask your son to keep all my family and friends under his protective wing. PLEASE DEAR LORD HELP THEM. PLEASE PRAY FOR A VERY SPECIAL INTENTION. (Brenda, March)

Please pray for me to sell my house quickly to pay my bank debts. Also please get a tenant soonest too. Please hear me and bless me. (T, March)

I would like to request prayers for me to get a good job quickly since I have been unemployed for about 8 months. The company I am really expecting to work in has been delaying the confirmation indefinitely for months. (Kenneth, March)


Please pray that my biopsy for cancer comes out benign and that I have no cancer. (Phyllis, February)

Please pray that my daughter, Stephanie Joseph, is cured of her stage 4 aggressive cancer, that has spread. She is a new and first time mom and her son, Jack, will be turning 7months old this month. (Susan, February)

Please pray for my cousin Janice S as she undergoes heart surgery on Friday morning that her doctors are skilled and that she recovers quickly. (Garry, February)

Please pray for Bronwyn F as she undergoes surgery on the 18th of February that she has a successful surgery and a quick recovery. Bronwyn is a cancer survivor, the mother of 2, supportive wife, and a volunteer to help our young soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines. (Garry, February)

Please pray for Bronwyn F as she undergoes surgery on the 18th of February that she has a successful surgery and a quick recovery. Bronwyn is a cancer survivor, the mother of 2, supportive wife, and a volunteer to help our young soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines. (Garry, February)

Please pray for our Small Group Adult ministry at Saint Peter’s Church on Capitol Hill DC that leaders step forward to help with pour program and that it be a successful ministry for this Lenten season. (Garry, February)


please pray for Luis total conversion and liberation and for Jose (Anonymous, January)

For the release, health, happiness of Damon C.
For those who less fortunate who lack adequate shelter, food, medical needs
For the family members of Denise and Michael.
For all of the individuals who have prays posted on this site. May their prayers be answered as seen necessary by God.
For the friends, associates, former coworkers of Denise and Michael. (Denise, January)

My prayer is to find and obtain the most perfect job for me at the most perfect pay – helping others in their lives and doing so effectively and competently – thank you! (Fawn, January)

Please pray for my children Lisa, Danielle, Konrad and my wife Selma (T Coutinho, January)

For the return of peace and unity to the D’Souza Family (Ladislaus, January)

Please pray that 2015 will be a very good and lucky year for me, in all areas of my life. Please pray that all obstacles and blocks in my life that are hindering me from being successful are removed, particularly in financial and love matters. (Daphne, January)

First, I’m asking for prayers for my family and my marriage. My husband left us 2 years ago and asked for a divorce. Now we are in the process of completing the divorce papers. I don’t want this divorce and I pray that both of us can clearly see Gods Will for our lives.
Second, I am asking for prayers for my oldest son who is applying to colleges. That he would be accepted. (Angle, January)

For approx 18yrs I worked for an international corp as a lead customer service rep (great salary + benefits) I was released due to budget matters w/in my unit, I had to move in with family 2 yrs ago…today I was told to find a place to live by the end of February. I’m currently am working in retail making minimum wages, I CAN NOT afford an apartment. My heart has been torn re: this matter all I can do is pray and continue to seek desirable employment. Peace, Love & Understanding!!! (Vanessa, January)

Pray for Teri H who is undergoing neck surgery Wednesday that she comes through this safely and with a cure to her pain. Please pray that her surgeon has a steady hand and a keen eye.(Garry, January)

Please pray for me. I feel utterly alone and unloved, and while much of my life is going fairly well–I am living fairly comfortably, I am doing well at my job and in school–if I could only love, and be loved…particularly by a romantic partner, to be honest.
For that matter, May all of us know what is to be loved. Loved by our families, by our friends, by our partners, by those around us in life, and most of all by God. May we be aware of the special love that comes our way, and also the love that we inhabit like fish in the sea, and only notice in its absence. May we take the love we know, and reflect it back to others. (AHW, January)

Pray for my mother, please. She has heart disease and blood circulation problems. She very ill and weak now. Please join me in prayer for her, in Jesus mighty name.
Also please pray for me. I need a job, badly.
Thank you (Temur, January)

I pray for the restored peace, joy and happiness in my family. I pray for both of my children to rebuke drugs and alcohol of any kind in the name of Jesus. that they embrace parenthood with an open heart, spiritual guidance and loving touch as their children look upon them to be great parents. Bring them to you seeking you and trusting you in all that they set out to do. I pray for their protection from all evil that they be hidden from the snares of the devil. Raise them up and order they steps each day. Amen (Zenia, January)


Pray for wisdom in faith (Brian, December)

Pray for my son Isaac he is rebellious he is 23yrs old and acts like a 16yr old he is fixing to be a dad and he has no ambition to do anything to better himself he has piercing on his nose and ears a blue Mohawk he was not brought up this way he’s not the son I raised I’m very worried God bless you (Lisa, December)

Please pray for my wife Nining (51 years old), she is sick in the back of her body (low back pain/spondylolisthesis at Lumbar), it has been about 2 years now.
We have tried various treatments but have not seen meaningful change. I have almost given up. I invoke please pray that any and all disease will be permanently removed from her body and that she will be pain free.
Heavenly Lord! I humbly come into your presence let Your healing hands touch my wife and heal her from all sickness, Amen. (Theodorus, December)

I would hope that my son Michael would find employment, that someone special will come into my life, debt relief (Sally, December)


Please pray for my newborn son tremors to disappear, reach for objects and overall to grow healthy and strong. God bless, (Anonymous, November)

Please pray for Eric McDonald’s salvation…May God’s grace draw him to Christ Jesus…May his life be transformed by The Holy Ghost….Pray that the hope of Christ will fill his life bring forth joy, peace, and everlasting salvation.
There is no greater need than the need for salvation.
Please pray the prayer of faith for Eric…He needs big prayers that will be life changing not just for today but for all eternity…May Eric give thanks to God for all eternity…May he know Jesus as his savior and his Lord (Alfred, November)


Novena to St Jude: May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, love and preserved now and forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus pray for us. St Jude worker of miracles, pray for us. St Jude helper of the hopeless, pray for us. (B, October)

Honest resolution to a financial and tax issue; I need competent legal counsel (pro bono) as I am disabled and unable to work full time. God knows how this problem has tested my faith. May God’s justice be swift in resolving this financial problem! (Mary, October, 2014)

Please pray that May God bless my relationship with Brian and makes me the woman Brian would marry. May He give me wisdom to become Brian’s best friend and great source of comfort. Thank you so much for your intercession! (Anna, October, 2014)

Prayers for my children. Especially my son who is going through a difficult time. With all that he is going through, I am praying that he takes the correct path in life and gets a second chance to start over with a clean slate.
For my daughters, that they do well in school and choose the correct career path for them.
For my step children, that they do not see me as the enemy but realize that their father and I do love and care for them and come to us for guidance not for just when they want something from us. (Cathy, October, 2014)

I’ve been exposed to a certain amount of harmful radiation for a long time (around 3 months straight), and I am aching all over my body, my whole body feels like it’s burning. I do not know what to do. I am frightened, but I trust in God.
Please pray for me (Myung Kim, October, 2014)

Please pray for my friends Rich a Vietnam veteran who lost his wife to brain cancer a few years ago and has to have more tests but May have prostate cancer that the depression from loss and trauma is lessened and his tests come out free of cancer his brother will be alright too I am a friend and veterans of a different time period I thank these brothers for their service in protecting the rights of our country and all in it and all veterans and wounded warriors if be spiritually physically financially emotionally and allies May God grant us peace love understanding gentle healing God love and grace and the is please take a moment and say a prayer (Michelle, October 2014)


I desire to get ahead financially. I desire to have stable thoughts. Please keep me in prayer. (Artie, September, 2014)

September 15,2014 – Many children are beginning the school year – others on vacation. All children and youth through education share citizenship in the global world. Through education, we build a better future against ignorance, unemployment, illiteracy, disease, the cycle of poverty……..Malala Yousufzai (the 16 year old Pakistani girl shot by the Taliban for defending her right to an education) said, “Let us pick up our books and pens, they are our most powerful weapon.” May we join in worldwide thought, prayer, and blessing for all children and youth – those attending school – those never seeing a classroom. All of us in community join parents as educators of the young. May we see the beauty and goodness of each and help the child and youth reach their full potential as a human being. (Donna, September 2014)


My son Peter, age 37 has been diagnosed with a beuli ribbon blood disorder. please pray for him. bless you. (Doreen, August, 2014)

New, better paying job for me. God’s Blessings for my family, friends and all people in need of God’s Blessings. (Barb, August, 2014)

Please pray for those disappointed in their relationships especially those who were to be married soon. May they find consolation through the Blessed Mother and healing through Christ Jesus. (Jenean, August, 2014)


Please pray for my daughter Danielle. She is awaiting test results for a serious health issue. Please pray for a healing in both her body and mind and to give her strength through this difficult situation. (Nancy, July 2014)

Please pray for the Lord to provide a job for me as my position was eliminated two months ago.      (Nick, July 2014)

Please pray for my mother, Mary, as she endures her third cancer occurrence, and struggles to recover in hospital from the ill effects of the treatment drug. Lord we thank you for the blessing of her 94 years and pray for the gift of continued life, life without so much suffering. (David, July 2014)

Please pray for my friend, Lorraine, as she struggles with cancer and her cancer treatments. Bring her healing in body and spirit.  (July, 2014)


For all those touched by domestic abuse and violence. May they find safety, recovery, and healing. (Sharon, June 2014)


Please pray for my mother Dana, recently she had a stroke and very ill now. Father, please take care of my mother and help her to fully recover. Also, please pray for me. I really, really need help. After eight years of battling alcoholism and depression, I’m trying to get my life back, but everything seems so grey and empty now. I feel, I don’t have any purpose to live anymore. I feel lost and in despair now. I need God to enlighten me and show my way in life. Help me to find the job best suited for me, the place to live and purpose to live.  (Tim, May 2014)

I pray for Gail and all who live and work in Kenya. (May 2014)

Pray for me and my Father, please!   (Tam, May 2014)

Pray for my vocation, please! (Tam, May 15)

Please I beg you to pray for me to Jesus through Mother Mary, His Blessed Mother. I’m very very poor in this life: my economy financial hardship, bad health, unfinished study.
Please pray for me so that my throat sore lungs total recovered. Erase the evil phlegm lodged in the lungs throat. I want my breath of relief and evil phlegm no longer suffocating chest.
I want no more pain allergies, flu, colds, sore back, and buttocks. I want my five senses guarded, especially more my eyes, I want my eyes healthy forever and no eye disorders.
My back is bent and my hemorrhoids is healed. Tumors in my body disappears. All diseases in my body disappeared. The holy souls please help so that I healed completely. Heal my urinary disorders and my
Please take care my teeth properly.
Please pray for me so that there is a healing for me and miracles happen upon my illness, especially my lung diseases and my back.
May the holy souls assist me.
I beg you also a prayer for my wife and my niece if they get sick there are not medicine give them healing and miracles.
Please pray for me so that I can make happy my wife.
I worked in the online media. I hope to continue working on it. I hope I don’t have a problem in interaction with other reporters/journalists, easy to find information. Lord Jesus and His Blessed Mother is always protecting me when I run errands for searching information. Please pray me so I can save from bad behavior of my boss’s.
University where I study want me drop out from their university.
Please pray for me so that there is/are the pro bono advocate(s) to help me and the university accept my right to study according to the Indonesian constitution and accept again to be their student again without I need propose the citizen lawsuit against them to. May the Holy Saints and the holy souls assist me.
Please I beg you to pray for me so that can asking for grants for raising goats.
Please help me so that I can plant beautiful flowers that I can dedicate as my devotion to Saint Mary and Jesus the Divine Child.
I want when I am total fasting not eating and drinking for days there are the angels and the holy souls who give eat and drink to my pets and my flocks and watering my plants.
Please pray for me so that my Ave Maria magazines and books is borrowed and brought will be returned. Because they are important to me.
If I have sons I will promise that my first son will be your holy priest because of I will go to present him to our Father in Heaven and Jesus our Lord and he will follow the example of your Mother, Mary.
Please remember me always in your every first Friday Mass for nine times and your rosary prayers. (Dwi, May 2014)

Please pray for my son Bruno and me, So that: we recover our hair, cure the skin, ears, sight, gums, get rid of social phobia, that my son converts, that he finds a good job and a good wife.
Thanks for the prayers. (Adelaide, May 5)

Please pray that Christopher and Samantha will be able to have careers that glorify God, help others, allow them to use their God given talents and to provide for themselves and their family. (Anne, May 3)

St. Cecilia pray for Dan and his friends and family at this difficult time of transition. Intercede for them with Jesus and bless their time together. May the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit fall on them. May this prayer give them the grace they need at this time. (Anonymous, May 2)

Gracious God, watch over my daughter Kate as she seeks work and moves toward financial and economic independence. (Anonymous, May 2)

For Dan and Hanna Lyons as they make their hospice journey.  May they feel the love and support of their family and friends and find consolation in the promise of eternal life. (Sarah, May 1)


Please pray for Sr. Trinite’s (SSVM) mother, Fe Siopongco who is very weak and seriously ill at this time (in New Jersey). Sr is with her, having come from the SSVM Monastery in NY to be with her and her family. Her life is in God’s hands… (Jenean, April 29)

For teenage Madi suffering from an eating disorder. May she know Christ’s love and feel her selfworth as a beloved daughter of God. (Anonymous, April)

For god to have mercy on my daughter Dilim and heal her. For Mary Mother to undo the knots in her life so she will be healed. (April 21)

For all those suffering from severe depression, including my brother. May they find healing in Christ’s love. (Christina, April 11)

For the youth in the world, so that they May be enlighten by the holy spirit to reach greatness to work for the kingdom of our lord, so that year after year they hear the lords calling to serve him and strength a relationship with him. Let us pray. (Ingrid, April 11)

For the elderly, specially my grandparents, who by Gods calling parted from this earth on the same date, and different year, May God have mercy of them and on all the people that are sick so that the lord gives comfort and strength to their families. Let us pray. (Ingrid, April 11)

May God strengthen and bless all pastoral musicians and choirs as they prepare for Holy Week. May their talents and sacrifices bring glory to God and renew the congregations for which they serve. (Anonymous, April)


For all who are considering suicide today, MayMay Christ’s message of life and love fill them. (Anonymous, March)

For Keivana, bless her as she waits for news about her audition at Duke Ellington. (Anonymous, March)

Pray for my young son Michael Smith who passed away April 4 1992 at the age of 14 and 1/2 years old by another’s hands. May GOD bless his soul and his best friend Anthony Carbone who also passed about at a young age of 22 in a car accident. Best friends in Heaven. Pray for all of those who have gone before all of us, we will see you in Heaven. Thank you for your prayers. (Janice, March)

That all the victims and families of Malaysia Flight 370 will know the love and compassion of God and that peace and consolation will come to all. (Joanne, March)

In thanksgiving for the birth of James and Carolanne’s son, praise God! (Anonymous, March)

Lord, thank you for your love and forgiveness. Please bless me with strength and wisdom to find solutions not only for my struggles, but for all my family, friends, neighbors and strangers coming into my life. (Vivienne, March)

For all who do not have anyone to pray for them. (Anonymous, March)

Dear Lord, we ask that you restore your servant Anne Vincent to health again. (Sheridan, March)

Lord, comfort those who find life heavy and burdensome. Open their hearts to discover the gift of this new season and bless their lives with new hope. (Sarah, March)

Bless all those traveling on snowy roads. (Georgina, March)