Love Saves Lives Video Contest Guidelines

Participating in the Love Saves Lives Video Contest for the Youth Rally and Mass for Life? Here are the guidelines.

Do I have to submit a release form?
Yes. This is part of the requirements for this contest. The form will be available when you submit your video.

What should the video be about?
First, think about all of the ways that respecting life can save a life – from the unborn to the handicapped to the elderly.  Then, create a video telling the story of how love saves lives!

We encourage you to use both #iStand4Life and #whywemarch in your videos!

What are the requirements for my video?
One entry per individual or group and one prize per winning entry. The video must be two (2) minutes or less, a .MOV file type and 1GB or less.

Can I enter more than one time?
No. There is one entry per individual or group and one prize per winning entry.

Can we enter the contest as a group, class, parish or business?
Yes, entering as a group, class, parish, school or diocese is allowed and is a great way to participate. However, there is a maximum 55 prime seats at the Youth Rally and Mass for Life and winners must already have a ticket for entry into the arena.

When is the deadline to submit my video submission and release forms?
The deadline for submitting your video is Friday, January 5, 2018. Entries can be submitted here.

I don’t live within the borders of the Archdiocese of Washington. Am I still eligible to submit a video?
Not only are you eligible, but we are hoping and praying to receive entries from all across this country.  So, yes, please submit an entry and encourage those in your school or parish to participate as well.

I’m not Catholic. Am I eligible for the contest?
Respecting and protecting life is the responsibility of all people, not just Catholics.  So, yes, all are welcome and are encouraged to participate.

What are the prizes?
Winners will receive prime seats (up to 55) at the Youth Rally and Mass for Life. You’ll also receive a Chick-fil-A lunch for the entire group.  In addition, your video will be premiered at the rally and will be shared on the Archdiocese of Washington social media platforms.

When will winners receive their prize?
Winners will be contacted after the judging process is complete. Be sure to use an email address you check frequently in the registration process.

How do I upload my video and submit my forms?
Videos and forms must be submitted through the contest website at

What will I need to do after I submit my video?
Check in often at the WashArchdiocese YouTube Channel to see staff picks and contest updates. Encourage your friends and family to do the same. Also, be sure to subscribe to our channel in order to receive our latest videos. We will also send announcements, updates and “Staff Picks” of selected videos throughout the length of the contest to registered entrants.

How are the videos going to be judged?
The videos will be judged by a jury according to a list of criteria: Overall Impression, Enthusiasm/Spirit, Creativity, Clarity of Message, Audio Quality, and Picture Quality.

I don’t have a video camera. What do I do?
Consider borrowing a camera or asking a friend, school, or local church to help create the video.  You could also consider using your phone.

What software should I use to edit my video?
Windows Movie Maker and iMovie, along with other inexpensive or free software, are good options for editing.  For phones, there are free or inexpensive video editing apps for both android and iPhone such as kinemaster, videoshop, vivavideo and splice.

Can I include copyrighted music or film clips in my video?
Please follow all U.S. copyright and public domain laws. We’re also providing free music tracks for you to use in your video. Visit the music library to start downloading music! 

I can’t get the video onto my computer. What do I do?
If you’re working from a video camera, it should come with a cable to connect itself to your computer. If you’re working from a cell phone, you may be able to email the video to yourself. Consider reaching out to a family member or friend who may be able to assist you and also consider searching online for help.

I am having trouble exporting my video as a .MOV or trouble making the size 1GB or less.
Consider reaching out to a family member or friend who may be able to assist you. Also, consider searching online for “video encoding”, “video compression”, or “video exporting” in order to find help.