Golden Apple

2017 Golden Apple Recipients

Nicole Hayes Pict

Nicole Hayes

First Grade Teacher since 2010
St. Philip the Apostle School
Camp Springs, Maryland


“I have been able to see that Miss Hayes has been consistently a very important part of our school’s mission…I have found Nicole to be someone easy to work with and dedicated to her faith and vocation as a teacher.” – Fr. Edward Hegnauer, Pastor

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Judith Horne Pict

Judith S. Horne

First Grade Teacher since 2013
St. Anthony Catholic School
Washington, DC


“Anyone who visits Ms. Horne’s first grade class is impressed by the witness of a gentle, clear, and convincing testimony to the Lord she loves (and His Church), and this is before she begins to teach with all the gifts, tools, and skills at her command! Her teaching is a sharing of fruits of her encounter with God in several years of Catholic education and service.” – Fr. Frederick Close, Pastor

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Jennifer Massey Pict

Jennifer Massey

Math and Science Teacher since 2003
Mary of Nazareth School
Darnestown, Maryland


“I have known and have observed Jennifer at our school over several years. She gives strong and ongoing witnesses of the Catholic faith to her colleagues, to her students, and to her students’ parents.”– Fr. Raymond Fecteau, Pastor

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Justin McClain Pict

Justin McClain

Theology and Spanish Teacher since 2006
Bishop McNamara High School
Forestville, Maryland


“Mr. McClain’s exploits as a teacher are excellent. As a solid classroom teacher, his course focuses on the inculcation of Catholic doctrine. Mr. McClain demands high academic achievement from his students while serving them well pastorally and emotionally – qualities necessary for the best secondary schools theology teachers.”
– Robert Van der Waag, Ph.D., Principal

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Michelle Morning Pict

Michelle Morning

Second Grade Teacher since 2012
Saint Michael School
Ridge, Maryland


“During my time at St. Michael’s, I have found Mrs. Morning to be an excellent teacher who is concerned with not just the academic development of her students, but with the development of the whole person.” – Fr. Peter M. Giovanoni, Pastor

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Graciela Marlene Aguilar-Nahas Pict

Graciela Marlene Aguilar-Nahas

Spanish Teacher since 2007
Our Lady of Victory School
Washington, DC


“Marlene epitomizes what Maria Montessori said was the greatest sign of success for a teacher: being able to say,‘The children are now working as if I did not exist!’ She hands them the tools they need to build, and is ever-present, supporting them, encouraging them, inspiring hope, stirring their imagination, all the while offering them a love of learning.” – Fr. David M. Fitz-Patrick, Pastor

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Hannah Ruckstuhl Pict

Hannah Ruckstuhl

Second Grade Teacher since 2007
Saint Mary of the Assumption School
Upper Marlboro, Maryland


“Since I arrived here as pastor in January, 2014, I have had the opportunity to observe and to work with Hannah. She is a lifetime parishioner, having attended St. Mary of the Assumption School herself. As the (school’s) second grade teacher, I have worked with her primarily in the sacramental formation of the students preparing for first confession and First Communion. She is a committed and loving teacher. I have observed her love for her students and her love for the Faith which she shares with them.” – Fr. Thomas G. LaHood, Pastor

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Kenneth Scheiber Pict

Kenneth Scheiber

Theology and Social Studies since 2009
St. Mary’s Ryken High School
Leonardtown, Maryland


“Mr. Scheiber works tirelessly in his endeavor to teach our students about the Faith, providing them with a solid catechesis in an interactive manner. He handles himself in the classroom in both a relatable yet always professional manner.” – Fr. Scott Woods, Chaplain

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Elizabeth Scribner Pict

Elizabeth Scribner

Religion and Literature Teacher since 2005
Holy Redeemer School
College Park, Maryland


“This is also our school’s 85th anniversary. Sisters of Providence taught most of those years until just recently. Mrs. Scribner picked up and seamlessly carried on their work by her great witness to the Faith and teaching of it. She is instrumental in our parish’s clear and strong Catholic identity.” – Fr. Mark L. Smith, Pastor

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Michelle Truss Pict

Michelle Truss

Fifth Grade Teacher since 2013
Saint Mary School
Bryantown, Maryland


“Mrs. Truss is a master teacher and dedicated to teaching her students…She is enthusiastic, energetic, engaging, humble, and kind. She shares her faith and spirituality with her students. She is a leader in our school and a strong advocate for Catholic education.” – Fr. Rory T. Conley, Pastor

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