Applying to a Catholic High School

Registration for the Saturday administrations of the High School Placement Test (HSPT) will open on the first Monday in October. The HSPT will be administered on the first two Saturdays in December.  Click here for complete details and to register for the HSPT.  

A placement test is required by all Catholic high schools unless otherwise indicated by the high school. The following Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese of Washington use the High School Placement Test (HSPT) in their admissions process:

Nine other Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese of Washington have separate admissions procedures and should be contacted directly. For testing instructions for the Catholic high schools that do not require the HSPT, please refer to the school’s website:


Criteria for Admissions
Students apply to a Catholic high school by completing the high school’s application form. Grades, test scores, and in some cases, an interview is considered by Catholic high schools in determining admission for each student.

Each Catholic high school is unique and so is their admission process. Learn more about each Catholic high school by visiting their website.

Schedule of Placement Testing for all Archdiocese of Washington Catholic High Schools
High schools will host the administration of the placement test on the date shown. Results from the placement test must be submitted to the high school before the high school application is considered for official review, unless otherwise noted. Click here to view a PDF of the schedule.